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Zircon Gemstone | Everything You Need to Know

limz Published On Sun Jan 26 2020   Modified On Sun Jan 26 2020
Zircon Gemstone | Everything You Need to Know

Zircon is the modern birthstone of December and the zodiac stone of Sagittarius. Traditionally, Blue and Yellow Zircon are given as gifts on the 4th and 11th anniversary respectively. These stones have a specific gravity of 3.90 to 4.73.

Zircon is a beautiful gemstone that is widely known to symbolize Earth. These stones symbolizes positivity, prosperity, honor, love, truth, and affection.

Let us learn more about December birthstone, Zircon.


Zircon is a mineral occurring as prismatic crystals and it belongs to the group of nesosilicates. It is a beautiful and traditional gemstone with amazing brilliance. These stones are related to root/base and sacral chakra and it helps to open up and balance both the chakras. It helps to ground oneself and reminds yourself of who you are.

Why Zircon is the Birthstone of December?

People born in December are loyal, generous, and they like to have a lot of fun. They have a brilliant sense of humor and are extremely competitive. They are most likely to be extrovert and they don't like people gossiping. These beautiful qualities make Zircon fitting to be the birthstone of December.

Origin and History

Blue Zircon.
Blue Zircon.
Image Source: GIA

Zircon is the world's oldest gemstone dating back to almost 4.4 billion years. The name "Zircon" is obtained from the Persian word "Zargun" which means "Gold-Hued". In the early 1900s, colorless Zircon was widely used as an alternative Diamond as it looks the same. In Victorian times, Blue Zircons were widely used as a gemstone in jewelry.

Zircon, also known as jacinth or hyacinth, is believed to be one of the 12 stones on the breastplate of Aaron. These stones are often confused with Cubic Zirconia because of their similar names. Cubic Zirconia is a lab-grown imitation of Diamond. Mostly, these stones are found in Myanmar, Australia, Madagascar, Canada, and Sri Lanka.

Formation Process

The oldest mineral of Earth, Zircon, commonly occurs in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. These stones are formed only in extreme heat and pressure and it may take millions of years to form these stones. They are originally formed by the crystallization process from a magma.


The chemical formula of Zircon is Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4). These stones are quite durable with the hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale and they have a greasy to adamantine luster.


  • Jacinth
  • Jargon
  • Matura Diamond
  • Starlite

Colors Available

Different Colors of Zircon.
Different Colors of Zircon.
Image Source:
  • Reddish Brown
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Colorless

Mines Available

  • Iluka's Jacinth-Ambrosia, South Australia
  • Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
  • Ratanakiri Mines, Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Cost Per Carat

Depending on the quality factors of Zircon, their price can range anywhere from $50-$400 per carat. In 1837, the largest Zircon crystal was found in Ilmen Mountains that weighed 3.5 Kilograms or 17500 carats.


  • Zircons are mainly used in tile production and investment casting.
  • These stones are also widely used as gemstones in jewelry.

Spiritual Properties

  • These stones promote love, affection, wisdom, good sleep, prosperity, happiness and it also soothes pain.
  • These stones purify the soul, increase harmony, increase one's self-confidence, and energize the body, soul, and mind.
  • It helps to heal headaches, depression, anxiety, aid asthma, and they are also good for liver-related problems.


Colorless Zircon Gemstone.
Colorless Zircon Gemstone.
Image Source: Quora
  • For centuries, colorless Zircon has been confused with Diamonds.
  • These stones are mentioned in the bible under the ancient name Jacinth.
  • These stones have a tetragonal crystal system.
  • In 1789, a German chemist, Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered zirconium in a sample of zircon from Sri Lanka.

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