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Ten Reasons Diamonds Are Used For That You Might Not Know

zina Published On Sun Dec 01 2019   Modified On Sun Dec 01 2019
Ten Reasons Diamonds Are Used For That You Might Not Know

The word diamond is derived from the Greek word 'Adamas' and the meaning behind this name is 'indestructible'. The ancient Greeks and Romans had an interesting belief in diamonds. They believed that this stone were the tears shedded by gods or were the splinters from the falling stars. They also had the belief that the cupid's arrows were covered with diamonds.

Diamonds are billions of years old and have been used in many fields for centuries. People have been using this gem for mining oils and gas, making surgical instruments, wearing as a fashion and in many other factors. 

Used in Jewelry

Diamonds are one of the most widely and popularly used in the form of jewelry. This beautiful and sparkly stone is a popular highlight for many designs and it also represents the major economic force. 

This luxurious gem has been used in many forms of jewelry like rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and other fine jewelry. People have been spending more money on this particular gemstone than any other gemstones combined. 

Used in Health Industries

It might be surprising to know that diamond is used in health industries and is benefits to health. It is used in treating cancer by attaching nano-diamonds to chemotherapy drugs during the treatment. Very tiny particles are used which is a thousand times smaller than a human hair.

Another fascinating use of diamonds is that; it is used by many dentists too. Small particles of diamonds are placed on the tip of the tools to drill or clean the cavities from their patients teeth.

Used in Beauty Products

It is no surprise when celebrities, rich and famous people use diamond beauty products. Many beauty industries have announced that diamonds are used in the form of exfoliator and blurring appearance of wrinkles. 

Laura Mercier Powder.
Image Source: theFashionSpot

When Kim Kardashian announced that she had the treatment done with a diamond-flecked spray tan before her wedding to Kanye West, she gained wide attention. In 2011, Mila Kunis also made a headline when she did $7000 ruby and diamond facial! Another headline was made by Jennifer Lopez when she confirms using 250$ of Australian-made body scrub which is made up of diamond powder for the treatment of body cellulite.

Industrial Uses

Uses of diamonds in industries are one of the common uses after jewelry. As this stone is strong and not breakable easily, it is used for cutting, drilling, and polishing in many big industries. The use of these gems is popular in mining, automotive, and military industries. The diamond itself is used in cutting and polishing other diamonds while making jewelry.

Used as Fashion

Diamond gives a very sophisticated style which is why it has been used in fashion industries. They can not only be found in jewelry but also embellishments to clothes, bags, shoes, watches, and many other accessories. The designer has added handmade diamonds to blazers, jackets, clutches, shoes, hats to give colorful and sparkling personality. 

Used for Protection

The ancient Hindus had a great belief in diamonds. They used it in the eyes of their devotional status and also had a belief that these gems could protect their carrier or wearer from many kinds of danger. 

The first use of this stone was recorded in India where they used it as a religious stone and also as engraving tools. 

Used in Engagement Ring

Diamond as an engagement ring has been a tradition in most parts of the world. It has been the norm to present a diamond ring on the engagement day to promise endless love, romance, and companionship. 

Before 1940s, diamond rings were not popular and only around 10% of people used it in engagement ringz. However, after 'diamond is forever' marketing strategy of the diamond cartel 'De Beer', the popularity as an engagement ring heighten. 

Use in Computers

The interesting uses of diamonds are in computers too. It is used in the replace of silicons due to its high heat and voltage tolerance. Due to this, it is used in computers for lighter, faster, effective, and high performance.

Diamond Computer Chip.
Image Source: CatchUpdates

Use in High-End Speakers

A diamond, with its great power, has the ability to tolerate high vibration without affecting the quality of the sound. Therefore, in big companies, audiophiles use diamonds for people looking for the best quality sound.

It is not only used in speakers but also in the needle of record players for the best sound effect. It can also be found in DJ equipmenta as many famous DJs uses it to get the best sound from it.

Astrological Uses

Diamonds are best for Virgo and Libra as it is believed to shower good luck and prosperity for the wearer. Whereas for Aries, Pieces, and Scorpio, it is thought to bring bad luck and disharmony. Capricorn and Aquarius can wear this precious stone as well but with a Blue Sapphire, where both should be set in platinum.

So, in this article, you learned that diamonds are not only for jewelry but also are used in many factors and has proved its worth in many fields.