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The Spiritual Purpose of Turquoise Will Give You Wisdom, Energy and Wholeness

zina Published On Tue Dec 10 2019   Modified On Tue Dec 10 2019
The Spiritual Purpose of Turquoise Will Give You Wisdom, Energy and Wholeness

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones in the history of men. It is one of the most powerful metaphysical healing stone that is believed to protect its wearer from. This gem is a mineral that is often used in jewelry and is also popularly known as a symbol of wealth and good fortune. 

While the turquoise gemstones are used in jewelry, it is also believed to have connections to the spiritual world and is used widely as a healer due to its powerful healing properties.

Spiritual Healing 

The powerful soul-cleansing stone, Turquoise has the power to heal the spirit that is caused by romantic issues and gives spontaneity. It is believed that this stone has the power to change the color if there is possible danger or unfaithfulness in a relationship. 

It gives the wearer the ability to see both his/her good and bad aspects and helps to embrace both aspects. Both the pleasant and unpleasant side of self is a part of the wholeness which if we do not accept can leave it unbalanced. It opens the throat chakra and allows to flow the love and communication through the soul.


Turquoise is associated with wisdom and anyone wanting higher knowledge and wisdom is believed to be provided by the turquoise. It is known to carry great wisdom and provide anyone wearing it with grace to accept truth and reality, showing understanding, trust, and faith. It will encourage perception and bestow creative problem-solving capability.

Keeping this gem on the throat chakra will stimulate and give clarity in communication and our deepest wisdom.


This stone has a great power to contribute your life with the feeling of serenity, peace, and balance. It stabilizes the body of its wearer and gives the feeling of calmness while alleviating moodiness. It will lift your spirit, encourage to follow your heart with wiseness. 

The psychological benefits of it are that it can help self-realization, overcome fear, anxiety, remove negative vibes and only keep positivity surrounding its wearer.

A picture of Turquoise Stone.
Turquoise stones
Image Source: The Crystal Matrix


These precious gems will help to find wholeness within yourself. It will guide you to recognize your inner-self and teach you that wholeness comes when you are ready to embrace the reality of what you are and what you get to learn on your mundane path. 

This stone helps to open up someone shy about sharing their truth and understanding. It provides wisdom to them that in speaking from the wholeness of self, we each have something important to contribute.

Meditating with Turquoise

Turquoise is a holistic stone that aids in healing and balance physically, spiritually, and mentally. It has been used since ancient times as a healing stone. It is a gem of earth-grounding which makes it an ideal crystal for meditation

Keep this on the third eye or wear a necklace of it while meditating and it will keep you away from losing consciousness during deep states. It will provide protection esoteric spiritual practices like vision quest and astral travel. Due to its high spirituality, it helps to improve the meditation and aids in the peace of the mind.

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