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Spinel Gemstone Can Repel Negativity and Ensure Victory

limz Published On Wed Dec 18 2019   Modified On Wed Dec 18 2019
Spinel Gemstone Can Repel Negativity and Ensure Victory

Spinel is a single refractive gemstone that belongs in the magnesium/aluminum member of the larger spinel group of minerals. 

Recently in 2016, The American Gem Trade Association and Jewelers of America have officially announced Spinel as the second birthstone for August, including Peridot. These stones vary in almost all colors including colorless Spinel.

Stone of Victory

Spinel is also said to be the stone of victory as it gives us strength, new hope, inspiration, confidence, and energy to achieve our goals or anything in life. In 1367, this stone was given as a reward for a battle victory to the prince of Wales, Edward The Black Prince who was the eldest son of King Edward III of England.

A 170 carat crimson red cabochon Spinel "The Black Prince's Ruby".
A 170 carat crimson red cabochon Spinel "The Black Prince's Ruby".
Image Source: Lotus Gemology Bangkok

Protective Stone

Spinel is believed to protects the wearer from any kind of mentally or physically related harms and they will also be protected from fires. It is quite a good stone when you are going through a bad stage in life as it helps to overcome and gives you the courage to live. It also protects from negative energies that discourages you to lose hope or confidence.

Black Spinel Repels Negativity

Black spinel clears away all sadness and sorrows from our life and replaces it with happiness. These stones soothes and calms our mind repelling negative energy from our mind and soul. It is also helpful for the people who cannot control their anger and hold grudges for too long. 

Natural Black Spinel Rough Gemstone.
Natural Black Spinel Rough Gemstone.
Image Source: IndiaMART

Prevents Nightmares

Nightmare or bad dreams are precisely realistic and disturbing dreams that are caused by certain sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression. Placing spinel under or beside your pillow while sleeping will prevent the sleeper from nightmares and insomnia resulting in better sleep.

Promotes a Clear State of Mind

Spinel frees the wearer's mind from nervousness, feeling of anxiety, panic, and mental pressure. This gemstone produces calm and soothing energy that helps in the promotion of a clear state of mind and fills them with loyalty in the face of trouble, peace, positive attitude, and gives us wisdom.

Meditating With Spinel

Spinel is a great stone to meditate with as it calms our mind and soul. Mental illness, such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, social phobia, and stress can be cured if you meditate with these stones. Meditating with these stones is quite simple. You should meditate for about half an hour or more while holding this stone in both of your hands.

Root Chakra

Root chakra, also known as "Muladhara" is the first chakra among the seven primary chakras of our body. These stones balance the root chakra that helps in the stability of life, security, and basic needs that includes food, water, and shelter. It has the quality of being fearless, energizing the body, detoxifying blood, and helps in establishing a good relationship with your partner.

Red Spinel

The red spinel symbolizes flame as it consists of the color and energy of fire. The wearer of this stone will have power and ambitions that grow rapidly just like fire. It's color also symbolizes blood, strength, passion, desire, danger, war, and love. It is believed that these stones help the wearer to maintain relationships, enhance positivity, and increase the flow of energy.

Red Spinel.
Red Spinel.
Image Source: YouTube

Releases Burden

Spinel is a great stone for the person who feels compelled to work excessively as it releases a heavy burden while at the same time refills the empty energy from our body. These stones give us the power to endure more and increase strength. The wearer will be able to accept any kind of difficult challenges that comes in life.

Helps to Sleep Well

Spinel possess positive energy that heals the body of wearer while sleeping. It will be of good use for the people who have trouble sleeping at night. These stones release warm energy which helps to energize the body fully after waking up. Practically, you can wear it while sleeping or put it under the pillow of your bed.