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The Ruby Gemstone Will Increase Self-Esteem and Gives Wisdom

limz Published On Fri Dec 20 2019   Modified On Fri Dec 20 2019
The Ruby Gemstone Will Increase Self-Esteem and Gives Wisdom

The derivation of the word Ruby comes from the Latin word "Rubens" which means "red". The color of these stones varies from pink to blood-red and is a birthstone for people born in July. 

On the Mohs scale of hardness, these gemstones are rated 9. Artificial rubies were used in the production of jewelry since the 1850s.

Protection Against Psychic Attack

A psychic attack occurs when negative energy is flowing from someone's body or mind. Ruby protects the wearer from any kind of harms that are related to the mind such as envy, sorcery, manipulation, and ill-fortune. These stones generate soothing energy that replaces all negative vibes from our mind with positive vibes and shields the wearer's aura.

Promotes High Self-Esteem

Ruby helps the wearer to cultivate a clear mind, vitality, and increase self-esteem or confidence. It gives you the power to let go of your past and move towards a bright future. Wearing these stones will relax the mind and boost your confidence if you are feeling nervous while talking or expressing yourself.

Talisman of Passion

Throughout history, Ruby is widely known as the talisman of passion, protection, and prosperity. Carrying these stones in your pocket or holding it as talisman will help you to find your passion that can change your life. It will provide strength to challenge and overcome the obstacles in life.

Ruby Crystal Talisman Earrings.
Ruby Crystal Talisman Earrings.
Image Source: Pinterest

Meditation With Ruby

The purpose of meditation is to rest the mind and attain a completely different state of consciousness from the normal waking state. It can be achieved by meditating with Ruby as it clears, soothes and increase the concentration of mind. Meditating with this stone is simple, you just need to hold these gemstones on the palm of your hand while meditating.

Chakra Properties

Ruby is associated with heart chakra or Anahata which is located directly above the heart. It is the fourth primary chakra of our body. As these stones are related to heart, it is the gateway to all healing and provides you with the wellspring of love, warmth, and compassion. These stones are great for emotionally broken people.


Throughout history, Ruby is considered as the symbol of pure love, courage, divine creativity, energy, power, desire, and wealth. This stone has a very emotionally intense color and it also represents humanity. It is believed that the wearer of this stone will live and enjoy the life full of prosperity.


Historically, Ruby holds many spiritual myths and also in today's world there are many rumors of its power. In ancient Burma, there was a belief that if this stone was inserted in someone's flesh then the person would be completely invincible. People believed that this stone grants protection, peace, and good fortune.

King of Precious Stones

In Sanskrit, Ruby is known as "Ratnaraj" which means "king of precious stones". Unlike other gemstones, it consists of numerous physical and spiritual powers that cannot be counted merely by our fingers. Once The Bible compared the price of ruby to the price of wisdom and by this, we can know how powerful the ruby was.

Rough Uncut Natural Ruby.
Rough Uncut Natural Ruby.
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Lucid Dreams

Throughout the world, many people have sleep disorders or suffer from nightmares and insomnia. You can cure it by the use of this stone as it holds positive energy. Wear this stone or place it under your pillow while sleeping if you wish to have a better or lucid dream and remove nightmares.

Promotes Wisdom

Ruby relocates unnecessary energy to energy that is soothing and profitable. These stones relieves the wearer's mind from anxiety and stress and gives us positive vibes. There is a belief that wearing it or carrying it in the pocket throughout the day will promote spiritual wisdom. 

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