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Zircon Gemstone is The Stone of Knowledge and Confidence

limz Published On Wed Dec 25 2019   Modified On Wed Dec 25 2019
Zircon Gemstone is The Stone of Knowledge and Confidence

Zircon is one of the birthstones for December and its zodiac sign is Sagittarius. These stones are known to be the oldest mineral on Earth. On the Mohs scale of hardness, this gemstone is rated 7.5 and has an Adamantine luster.

Zircon is derived from the Persian word "Zargun" which means "Gold-Hued". It varies in different colors - blue, green, red, pink, orange, and even colorless or white. Mostly, people are confused with colorless or white Zircon with Diamond as they look alike.

Symbol of Earth

Zircon is known to be the gemstone that symbolizes the Earth. These stones gather the energy of its wearer and the Earth so that it can balance the energy. It helps the wearer to bring prosperity, knowledge, confidence, and strength. In today's world, people highly regard these stones as they help in the healing of the wearer, physically and mentally. 

Talismans and Amulets Protects From Danger

Zircon talismans and amulets are very powerful as it holds the utmost magnetic force. It works as a powerful stone for the people who are affected by great sadness or depression. It is a traveler's stone that protects the wearer in their long journey from any kind of harm and danger. It helps to bring peace and joy to the wearer's life.

Blue Zircon Crystal Bead.
Blue Zircon Crystal Bead.
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Meditating With Zircon

Meditating with Zircon will balance one's life, promote spiritual grounding, enhance psychic ability, and heal the body physically, mentally, and emotionally. As it is most active in the morning, you can meditate with it during that part of time. To meditate, you just need to find a quiet place, sit there, hold the crystal in the palm of your hands and start meditating for half an hour or more if you like.

Chakra Properties

Zircon stimulates all the chakras of our body according to its color. Colorless and yellow helps to purify the complete aura of the body and bring balance in one's life. Blue will increase spiritual communication as it is associated with the throat chakra. Orange stimulates Sacral chakra which helps to promote creativity, pleasure, and happiness.

Grounding Stone

Zircon is known to be grounding stone as it helps the wearer to establish a connection between their body and the Earth. It motivates and guides the wearer to achieve their goals or dreams. With the help of these stones, you can learn how to ground yourself and improve overall spiritual energy.

Soothes Pain

The high and powerful vibrations of Zircon helps to soothe and relieve pain from one's body and mind. To make it work, place these stones in the area where you feel pain and it will drastically reduce the pain. This stone helps to cleanse the aura and balance the chakra to heal the pain. You can carry it while working in the office or other places to reduce stress and headache.

Stabilize One's Emotion

Zircon balances the wearer's aura and transforms negative energy into positive and soothes anxiety. These stones maintain serenity of mind and helps to stabilize the emotion. It helps to overcome fear and ease anger, rage, nervousness, anxiety, and exclude negative vibes from one's life. These stones also acts as a guide in the journey of life. 

Protective Stone 

Zircon repels negative entities and their high vibration protects the wearer from any kind of danger and harms. It helps you to let go of your past and bring back light to start a new life. These stones act as an armor to guard the wearer from people having bad deeds or thoughts. It also guards the wearer against negative psychic emanations and helps to purify our thoughts.

Natural Red Zircon.
Natural Red Zircon.
Image Source: Forever Gemstones

Drives Away Depression

Zircon balances the chakras of our body and helps to get rid of stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. These stones clear the mind, help you to make conscious decisions, and heightens the sense of tranquility. It shows you the path to achieve peace and harmony. To make these stones more effective, you need to cleanse the crystals. 

Attracts Love

Zircon is a gentle and nurturing stone that helps to promote unconditional love. Wearing these stones as necklaces and letting it fall close to your heart will open up the heart chakra and helps you to achieve long term relationships and genuine love. It removes all the negative thoughts from the people around you and helps to attract them toward you.

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