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Tourmaline Gemstone Will Increase Psychic Ability and Reduce Fear

limz Published On Tue Dec 24 2019   Modified On Tue Dec 24 2019
Tourmaline Gemstone Will Increase Psychic Ability and Reduce Fear

Tourmaline is the birthstone for the people of October and is known as the 8th wedding anniversary gemstones. These stones have varieties of color including black to bluish-black to deep brown. 

Tourmaline was derived from the Singhalese word "Turmali", which means "a mixed color gemstone". Schorl, Dravite, and Elbaite are the three main species of these stones.

Symbol of Good Fortune

Tourmaline symbolizes strength, wealth, love, happiness, victory, hope, compassion, and wisdom. These stones boost our confidence and give us the courage to overcome fear or any kind of obstacle. For centuries, these stones have been the symbol of good fortune.  

In the 18th century, one of the scientists declared that if these stones were wrapped in silk and placed against someone's cheek before sleeping then it will result in better sleep. 

Promotes Creativity

Tourmaline is a very powerful stone if you want to have a clear state of mind and heighten your creativity. Wear these stones or carry it in your pocket throughout the day if you want to awaken your hidden talent or boost your confidence throughout the day. The creativity of the wearer might reach beyond average if it is used in the right way.

Talismans and Amulets

Tourmaline as talismans and amulets will help you to become passionate, promote the feeling of love, and release emotional pain. Wearing the talisman of these stones or carrying it in the pocket will give you the power to stand out of the darkness and walk down a bright path.

No matter what the circumstances, it encourages us with a positive vibe and powerful vibrations. With the help of it, you can cleanse and balance the chakra flow of your body.

Black Tourmaline Talismans.
Black Tourmaline Talismans.
Image Source: Spirit Carrier

Reduce Fear

Tourmaline soothes the mind and reduces the risk of panic attacks. These stones offer protection to the wearer so that he/she will be protected from fear, anxiety, stress, and also controls the emotions. It acts as a shield and guard the wearer from any harm that is mentally or physically related. 

Chakra Properties

Tourmaline is associated with different chakras as it has different kinds of color. The chakras of these stones will help to block the negative vibrations and reduce psychic attacks. It will teach you how to love oneself and others, and help to establish the feeling of happiness, success, and contentment.  

Meditating with Tourmaline

Meditating with Tourmaline will help you to clear the mind and converts the negative energy into positive vibes. First, you need to find out the color of the tourmaline that suits you best. Then, find a quiet place and hold the stones in both of your hands. Start meditating for as much as you like. This process will protect the wearer from psychic attacks and any other dangers.

Purifying Stone

As Tourmaline helps to purify body, mind, and soul, it is also known as purifying stone. It repels and transforms all the negative energy into positive energy making our body pure. If you keep this stone in a room, then it will fill the room with positive energy and also liven up the surrounding.

Enhance the Psychic Ability

Black Tourmaline comes in handy if you want psychic protection while doing spiritual works. As these stones have bright and powerful aura, they are often used to develop one's psychic gifts and magnify the prophetic ability.

As they are strong spiritual grounding stone, it is quite powerful. You will get the best results if you meditate with these stones or use it as a guide to enhance the psychic protection and ability.

Natural Black Tourmaline Gemstone.
Image Source: Crystal Gemstone Shop


Receptive Stone

Unlike many of the other stones, green Tourmaline is a receptive stone that draws positive energies towards one-self and uses it for the betterment of the wearer. You can wear it in jewelry to feel the power of it and benefit from it.

Promotes Sleep

Black Tourmaline gives us the feeling of relaxation in the body and mind. As these stones have calming energy, one can use it to reduce stress and promote sleep after doing stressful works. Simply put it under or beside the pillow of your bed and sleep. You will get a good sleep and the body will be fully recharged when you wake up.

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