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Tanzanite Gemstone Increases Mental Power and Intelligence

limz Published On Thu Dec 26 2019   Modified On Thu Dec 26 2019
Tanzanite Gemstone Increases Mental Power and Intelligence

Tanzanite is a blue variety of the mineral zoisite and birthstone of December. It is rated 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and it comes in two colors - Blue and Violet. 

Its name comes from the place where it was discovered, Tanzania. As these stones are only mined in Tanzania, it is the rarest gemstone in the world. Despite its rarity, it is one of the most undervalued gemstone. 

Symbol of Dignity & Intelligence

Tanzanite symbolizes freedom, faith, innocence, modesty, truth, dignity, stability, and intelligence. It is known as the stone of transformation as it has the powerful ability to transform negative vibes into positive vibes or energies. If these stones are used well, one can promote spiritual mastery and wisdom.

Promotes Psychic Power

Tanzanite has a powerful ability to be aware of future events and communicate with spirits. These stones create a barrier around the wearer's body to protect them from psychic attacks. Wear these stones or carry it to enhance or promote your psychic powers and make a good impact in the spiritual life. You can also meditate with these stones to promote psychic power.

Talismans and Amulets

Talismans of Tanzanite promotes happiness and joy in one's life and of the other people around. These stones protect the wearer from harms, negative energy, and wild animals while traveling. It symbolizes comfort, wealth, and long-lasting love. If you wear these stones or carry it in your pocket, It facilitates with honest thinking, better communication, helps us to connect with the departed soul.

Tanzanite Pendant Talisman.
Tanzanite Pendant Talisman.
Image Source: Etsy

Chakra Properties

Tanzanite is associated with the third-eye, throat, and crown chakras. The chakras of this stone helps to govern expression, promote wisdom, and enhance a higher state of consciousness. It is a high vibrating stone that helps the wearer to guide their own spirit and connect their spirits with angelic realms. These stones promote spiritual awareness and motivates you to increase positive thoughts and intentions.

Increases Mental Power

Tanzanite helps to increase focus, concentration, and mental clarity. Wear these stones or carry it in your pocket while doing research or giving a presentation as it helps to improve serenity of mind and chance of getting success. It clears the mind from distractions and helps to concentrate more efficiently and effectively.

Meditating With Tanzanite

Tanzanite is an excellent stone for meditation as it helps to boost your intuition and healing. You can develop your psychic abilities by meditating with these stones. First, find a calm and peaceful surrounding and sit there holding the crystals in the palms of your hand. Slowly close your eyes and start meditating for half an hour or more as you like.You can feel the flow of energy and positive changes in your body. 

Communication Abilities Emerges

Tanzanite stimulates throat chakra or Visuddha which is located in the neck. This gemstone helps the wearer to express their feeling honestly, truthfully, and confidently. These stones improve angelic and divine communication and help to develop one's psychic sense. It heals the vital organ that falls in the area of neck, including ear and other parts. It also guides you to a better spiritual development. 

Dispels Lethargy

The powerful aura of Tanzanite cleanses and energizes our body which leads to the disappearance of lethargy or sluggishness. These stones speed up the healing process and strengthen one's body, mind, and soul. Wear these stones throughout the day or place it under your pillow while sleeping to energize the whole body and drive away laziness.

Blue Tanzanite Gemstone.
Blue Tanzanite Gemstone.
Image Source: LiveAuctioneers

Enhance Compassion and Love 

Tanzanite is a great stone if you want a good relationship or promote unconditional love and compassion. These stones heightens passion, lust, or desire and improve sexual energy. It also helps the wearer to increase self-love and acceptance. Wear these stones close to your heart or carry it with you to enhance compassion and love for others or yourself.

Directs Our Sight

Tanzanite helps you to understand the way of the world and directs your sight. It helps to make your own decisions so that you can carve your own path and promote success. If you wear these stones or carry them, you can trust your guts while doing something risky or dangerous. It acts as a guide and helps you to reach your destination. 

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