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Sapphire Gemstone Will Give You Good Fortune and Protection

limz Published On Mon Dec 23 2019   Modified On Mon Dec 23 2019
Sapphire Gemstone Will Give You Good Fortune and Protection

Sapphire is the variety of the mineral corundum which ranks 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Although the mostly known color of this stone is blue, it comes in all the other colors except red. 

It is the birthstone of September and is given as a gift for those who are celebrating 5th and 45th anniversaries. The derivation of the word sapphire is from the Latin word "sapphirus" which means "blue".

Energy and Good Fortune

Sapphire is a symbol of energy, good fortune, hope, kindness, wisdom, love, and commitment. These stones are used as an engagement ring as a token of love, sincerity, and faithfulness. People believed that it brings peace and truth in one's life, as it is related with deep spirituality.

Chakra Properties of Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is related with the throat chakra which is the fifth primary chakra. This chakra has a great impact on communication, decision making, and listening. This stone will help you to open up and balance the chakra. An unstable chakra might lead to various health problems like thyroid problems, neck stiffness, and jaw problems.

Talismans and Amulets

The talisman and amulet of sapphire protect the wearer from evil eye or curses, grants wisdom, promote success and spiritual development. It empowers the wearer to overcome fear, anger, and stress. Wearing or carrying this talisman in the pocket will help to bring comfort and success. In the history of Hebrew, King Solomon and Abraham wore sapphire talismans to prevent themselves from harm.

Sapphire Talisman of King Charlemagne of France.
Sapphire Talisman of King Charlemagne of France.
Image Source: Pinterest

Meditating with Sapphire

Meditating with sapphires helps to calm the mind, provide mental clarity, strengthens the body's immune system and reduce the risk of depression. First, find a comfortable and silent place to meditate and hold these stones in your hands. Then, close your eyes and start meditating for as long as you like. This will help you to treat chronic diseases, heart problems, and asthma. 

Protect the Wearer

Sapphire protects the wearer mentally, emotionally, and physically with the help of its strong and powerful aura. When you place these stones in the room or surrounding, it will balance the energy that flows around the room or surrounding. These stones also help to get away from the malicious people around you and remove the negative evil energy.

Promotes Spiritual Development

Sapphires can help the wearer to develop an awareness of realities and boost spiritual growth. These stones protect your spiritual self and allow extend or thrust out a high spiritual vibration. It drives away all the negativity and balances the body physically and spiritually.

Strengthens Memory

Sapphires help you to increase brainpower, creativity, concentration and enhances your intuition. Aging is one of the main causes that lead to memory loss but fears not, as these stones purify the mind it works great for the people who want to strengthen their memory power.  

Stone of Great Value

Sapphires are often mentioned in the Bible as it holds great value. In chapter 24, verse 10 of The Second Book of Moses, The Exodus, it is mentioned that the paved floor which is under God's feet was made of sapphires. It is the fifth stone that is seen in the breastplate of Aaron.

Rough Blue Sapphire.
Rough Blue Sapphire.
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Reduce Psychic Attacks

As sapphires add armor and strengthen your aura, it will help to reduce or stop psychic attacks. It raises the vibrations and deflects any kind of harmful energy which will build up strength to fight psychic attacks.

Energizes the Body, Mind, and Soul

Sapphires are remarkably powerful stone to energize your body, mind, and soul as it cleanses and balances the flow of chakra. To use them, you should sleep with these stones under or beside your pillow. This process will help the body to counteract negative energy and refresh your body when you wake up. 

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