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Peridot Gemstone Will Protect You From Negative Energy and Sharpens Mind

limz Published On Sun Dec 22 2019   Modified On Sun Dec 22 2019
Peridot Gemstone Will Protect You From Negative Energy and Sharpens Mind

Peridot is a variety of olivine and a green semi-precious mineral that occurs only in one color i.e olive-green. Since 1912, these stones are the official birthstone of August. The word peridot was derived from the French word "peritot" which means "gold". It ranges between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Brings Peace and Goodluck

Peridot is a symbol of strength, compassion, happiness, love, and peace. These stones are believed to bring peace, good luck, health, wealth, and promote sleep. Because these stones are quite powerful it appeared many times in the bible and Aaron who was the brother of Moses also wore it in battle. 

Removes Negative Energy

When worn or kept as a talisman, Peridot can discharge negative energy. It is believed that the amulets of these stones help to protect the wearer from the evil eye or curse. There is a belief that making a hole in these stones and inserting a donkey's hair through it and carrying it on the left hand will help you to fulfill your desire or wish.

Peridot Ring Amulet.
Peridot Ring Amulet.
Image Source: Indo Magic

Aid in Friendship

Peridot will be a great stone in maintaining old or beginning a new friendship. These stones will help you to nurture friendship and remove any misconceptions that are between friends or other people. Wearing this stone will remove the negative feelings from your mind and helps the new friendship to flourish.

Lightens Suffering

Peridot works great as a healing crystal and lightens one's suffering mentally and physically. In Ancient Romans, people believed that wearing a ring of this stone would help to alleviate depression. Wearing or carrying these stones will help you to heaviness of heart, depression, lethargy, and balance of bipolar disorder.

Chakra Properties

Peridot is associated with solar plexus or heart chakra which are the third and fourth primary chakras of our body respectively. These chakras helps to improve willpower, self-discipline, clarity of judgment, relationships, compassion, and love for self and others. These stones open up and balance both chakra.

Sharpens the Mind

Peridot is a great stone that helps us to keep the mind balanced, focus, and concentrated. The bright aura and high vibrations of these stones soothe our mind which helps to promote the wearer's state of consciousness. Wearing it or keeping it with you will clear the mental confusion and sharpens the mind. 

Meditating with Peridot

Meditating with Peridot can help you to uncover the truth of concealed emotional issues and help you connect to the guardian angels. One can wear these stones as a necklace and let it fall close to your heart or place it in both palms of the hand and start meditating for 20 minutes or more.

Protector Against Negative Energies

Peridot dispels all the negative energies and emotions from the body, mind, and soul. People believe that these stones create a barrier to protect the wearer from negative energies and all the burden would be removed from the shoulder. It also protects the wearer from evil eyes and psychic attacks.

Peridot Gemstone.
Peridot Gemstone.
Image Source: International Gem Society

Enhance Confidence

Peridot can help the wearer to heighten their confidence, energy, happiness, and trust. It helps to recognize the faults of our life and improve it. These stones give you the motivation to live on and work hard. To boost your confidence, you have to start your morning by meditating with these gemstones.

Wounded Healer

Peridot is also known as a wounded healer as it helps to heal the physical and emotional wounds of the wearer. The soothing energy of these stones has a very bright aura that works as a natural healer of the wound. It provides us with a positive attitude while dispersing the negative values from the mind and body.

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