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Opal Gemstone Will Reduce Stress and Increase Memory Power

limz Published On Tue Dec 24 2019   Modified On Tue Dec 24 2019
Opal Gemstone Will Reduce Stress and Increase Memory Power

Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica that comes in colorless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, blue, and pink color. 

Including pink Tourmaline, it is the birthstone for October and its zodiac sign is Libra. On the Mohs scale of hardness, this stone ranges from 5.5 to 6.5. 

Symbol For Love and Honesty

Opal is known as the stone of love, desire, passion, affection, honesty, and assurance. The people around will be honest and faithful in the right way to the wearer of these stones. It helps to control the sexual desire and excitement of the wearer. These stones detoxify the blood and helps to soothe our body, mind, and soul.

Talismans and Amulets Protects You

Opal works as a powerful talismans and amulets as it boosts the power of foreseeing and helps to influence other people. If these stones are worn on the right index finger then it will act as a stone of wealth and prosperity. 

These stones protect the wearer from natural calamities or any other harm that are related physically and mentally. It has a great healing value for the diseases associated with the eyes.

Opal Talisman Necklace.
Opal Talisman Necklace.
Image Source: Bubu Ruby

Meditating with Opal

The bright and powerful aura of Opal clarifies the state of mind, body, and soul. While meditating, your mind will only focus on inhalation and exhalation, and during this method, your body will relax and the muscles will loosen up. Sitting to meditate with these stones is very helpful as you will not be distracted by the things around.

Chakra Properties

Chakra differs based on the color of Opal and this stone activates several chakras and links them to the crown chakra. These stones help to open up and balance the chakra flow of the body. It stabilizes one's emotion, heightens intuition, brings peace, and stimulates creativity.

Eases Stress and Depression

Peruvian Opal is one of the great healing stones that opens up and balances the third eye and throat chakra. It helps to reduce stress, depression, improve self-esteem, and heighten the sense of calmness. The bright aura of these stones soothe our mind and relieve us from stress, depression and other disorder related to the mind. 

Blue Peruvian Opal.
Blue Peruvian Opal.
Image Source: Sage Goddess

Seductive Stone

Opal is a seductive stone that exacerbates and increases emotional state and loosens the feelings for someone. However, if these stones are used carefully then one can control their emotions and stabilize it. In the Ancient Romans, these stones were known as "Cupid Stone", a stone that symbolizes love and affection.

Strengthens Memory

The vibrations of Opal will give you the power to think more clearly and enhance your memory. It will extend your ability to think and helps you to concentrate more on the subject you are thinking. Its powerful energy will help you to fight memory loss that occurs when you age. Wear it to heighten your creativity and achieve serenity of mind.

Eliminates Negativity

Opal creates a shield or barrier around you and your surroundings so that the negative energy can be blocked. The bright aura of these stones absorbs the negative energy and helps the wearer to repel it back to its sender. If kept in a room, this stone will replace the negative vibes with positive vibes which will liven up the surrounding.

Increase Communication

Blue Opal is associated with the throat or third-eye chakra. It helps the wearer to strengthen courage, express the truth, and make the communication easier. If it's chakra is well-balanced, the wearer might be able to achieve angelic and divine communication. Meditating with these stones will help you to balance your throat chakra and increase the power of communicating. 

Blue Opal Ring.
Blue Opal Ring.
Image Source:

Increase Lucid Dreams

The powerful vibrations of Opal reduces the risk of nightmares and increase the number of lucid dreams. If you sleep with these stones beside your pillow, then you will have power that helps you to gain some amount of control over your dream.

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