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The Spiritual Properties of Emerald Will Bring Love, Loyalty and Friendship

zina Published On Sun Dec 01 2019   Modified On Sun Dec 01 2019
The Spiritual Properties of Emerald Will Bring Love, Loyalty and Friendship

Emerald is known as the stone of 'successful love' which brings loyalty, joy, faith, physical and emotional healing. The name is derived from the Greek word which means 'Green Stone'. 

It is quite a popular green colored gemstone for jewelry and ornaments. Since emeralds are always green, don't be fooled by deceptive sellers showing the Yellow Emerald.

This gemstone has a rich, clear green color that everyone admires. However, the raw emerald has an earthy guise with black shale or limestone inclusion. Therefore, don't mistake it for the inferior stones which looks prettier than the real emerald. 

Raw Emerald.
Image Source:Pinterest-@Royalgems

Uses of Emerald

The Emerald is a powerful and precious stone that can be harvested in many ways that benefit your regular living conditions. The power of this crystal agitate the spirit and symbolize hope, future, love, and growth. Known as the stone of successful love, this stone open heart and connects to Heart Chakra. It maintains balance in love, makes the bond stronger between couples and brings harmony. 

It is the Birthstone for May which you can gift to someone close born in May or someone whose zodiac is Taurus. It is also traditionally given on the occasion of the 20th and 55th wedding anniversary to your partner. 

Emerald Necklace for Taurus.
Image source: The Hunt

It can be used in many forms of ornaments like necklace, ring, pendant. Also, keeping emerald stone in a house keeps your home free from negative energy and brings positivity. 

Healing Properties

Emerald is known for its healing properties that protect, restores, and stimulates soul, body, and mind. Every person has a different flow of energy in their body. Once you master controlling that energy flow, you can leverage the emerald healing properties to restore the damaged tissues on your body.

Wearing and carrying this stone has done a lot of benefits for the body. It is a powerful stone that has physical healing, emotional healing, and soul healing properties.

Physical Healing of Emerald

This stone is a strong healer of the body that is best known for reviving quality, combating aging, strengthening weak organs and damaged tissues. It lessens the disorder of heart, lungs, kidney and even spine and muscular system. After some infectious illness, it is known to contribute to a quick recovery. 

People in the past used this stone for treating the problems of eyes. Cleansing the eyes with emerald water can improve vision, soothes eyes. Wearing or carrying this stone can help increase fertility and help and support women during childbirth. Drinking the emerald water may also help in gastric pain, treating gout and other old age problems.

Emotional Healing

Talking about emotional healing, it is believed that this stone has the power to heal heartbreaks and give the strength to overcome misfortune and other emotional heaviness. It provides hope and abundance and gives the energy creating a light, vibrant mood. 

Emerald helps to eliminate negative energy and brings positivity which improves the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. It is also believed that mastering the power of this stone can enhance psychic ability.

Spiritual Healing

Emerald is known as the gemstone of the Green Ray of Archangel Raphael, Emerald brings both inspiration and aspiration. It helps to open heart, stimulates the mind and connects with 'Divine Love'. This stone encourages people to open up from the bottom of their hearts and give hope to live from our authentic self.

This stone encourages us to provide unconditional love to the people in our daily life. It initiates people wearing it to act on their intuition.