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Garnet - This Gemstone Will Balance Your Sex Drive and Reduce Bad Dreams

limz Published On Tue Dec 17 2019   Modified On Tue Dec 17 2019
Garnet - This Gemstone Will Balance Your Sex Drive and Reduce Bad Dreams

Garnet is the gemstone for the people born in January which was officially announced by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. 

This stone comes in almost every color and among them, the blue color is the rarest. Based on the Mohs scale of hardness, these stones ranges between 6.5-7.5 and has a specific gravity of 3.5-4.3. 

Alleviates Emotional Disharmony

Garnet is mostly known to balance sex drive, reduce or alleviate emotional disharmony and remove the feeling of fear or embarrassment. If this stone is used properly, the state of one's mind will be calm and we can see a drastic change in our emotions like fear, anger, disgust, sadness, sorrow, and contempt.  

Revitalizes Feeling for Others

Garnet is perfect if you want to revitalize your feelings for someone close to you. Wearing this stone or keeping it in your pocket will help you to be honest and not let the anger do the talking so that you may keep up your relationship with the person dearest to you.

Reputed to Reduce Bad Dreams

Since the discovery of Garnet, it is claimed that these stones help the wearer to resist night phantoms or evil spirits. Keeping this gemstone under the pillow while sleeping will help to sleep well and wake up with an energized body in the morning. If you are a victim of a constant nightmare then these stones might be perfect for you.

Increases Positivity

Mostly, gemstones that are natural minerals from the Earth have energizing properties and Garnet is one of them. Because of the energizing properties that this stone consists it replaces all the negative vibes with positive vibes and recharges our body. It is believed that it can turn unstable moments into great opportunities.

Root Chakra

Garnet is related to root chakra or Muladhara which is located at the bottom of the spine. The chakra of this stone is associated with safety, security, and support. It assures success in your life, purification of thoughts, help you to realize your goal and achieve all the basic things in life. It also removes personal feelings of embarrassment and fear. 

Meditation With Garnet

As Garnet calms and balances all the chakras, it is a very good acquaintance when it comes to meditating. In a peaceful room, lie down while holding this stone on each hand and start meditating for about half an hour. In this way, you can feel the power of these stones and free yourself from stress, depression, and anger. 

Stone of Health

Because of the benefits that a Garnet does to a person's health, it is often known as "Stone of Health". These stones stimulate or boost the immune system, purify the blood, balance emotions and sexual desires, removes negative energies, and strengthens the root chakra. This stone opens your heart and enhances love for the one close to you.   

Protective Stone

During the religious war that took place between the 11th and the 17th century, the Christians and the Muslims wore red garnets as talismans. This stone is widely known for its protection and travelers to wear it to protect them from any kind of danger that appears during the journey. 

Red Garnet Talisman.
Red Garnet Talisman.
Image Source: Gemstoneuniverse

Stone of Truth and Commitment

As the power of Garnet resembles passion, affection, and dedication it is also known as "stone of truth and commitment". This stone helps the person around you to be faithful and committed in the right way. These stones symbolize loyalty, devotion, truthfulness, and adoration.   

Soothes the Mind and Soul   

Wearing jewelry of Garnet or using its prayer beads (mala) while meditating frees our mind and soul from any kind of fear, anxiety, and anger. This act helps ease the mind and soul. There is a belief that when you wear this stone, good will eventually triumph over evil in your life.

Garnet Prayer Beads.
Garnet Prayer Beads.
Image Source: Crystal Life Technology

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