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Aquamarine Gemstone Will Give You Courage, Protection and Wisdom

limz Published On Wed Dec 18 2019   Modified On Wed Dec 18 2019
Aquamarine Gemstone Will Give You Courage, Protection and Wisdom

Aquamarine was derived from the Latin word "aqua marina" which means "seawater". It is the official birthstone of March which is light to deep blue and bluish-green. 

Like Emerald, Bixbite, Goshenite, and Morganite, aquamarine is also a member of the beryl family. These stones range from 7 to 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Stone of Courage and Protection

Aquamarine was believed to protect and give courage to warriors in battle so this stone is also known as "stone of courage and protection". Wearing these stones as jewelry or keeping it in the pocket throughout the day gives you the strength and courage to overcome fear and anxiety. This stone protects the sailors in their long journey while travelling by water.

Natural Sky Blue Aquamarine Crystal.
Natural Sky Blue Aquamarine Crystal.
Image Source: auctions - Catawiki

Enhance Spiritual Communication

Aquamarine is related with the throat chakra. As this stone cleanse and balance the throat chakra it has a powerful spiritual properties that enhances the communication with spirits and improves you communication with Gods or Goddesses. It also eases the flow of energy within the body, mind, and spirit. 

Throat Chakra

Throat chakra, also known as "Vishuddha" is the fifth chakra and is considered as the voice of the body. As it reduces the fear of speaking in public, it is perfect to carry if you have a job that requires a lot of public speaking like teacher, politician or motivational speaker. It helps you to express your emotions without hesitation.

Sailor's Superstition

According to ancient Romans, Aquamarine is related to Neptune, Roman God of the sea. Since long ago, this stone is known to be the lucky stone for sailors. They used to carry it with them while travelling a long and tiring journey. It was believed that these stones were hidden by mermaids in their treasure chest and offer it to the sailors who were in discomfort during storms.  

Meditating With Aquamarine

Meditating with aquamarine balance, cleanse, and energize the throat and heart chakras. Place the stone in each hand and rest your palm over each eye. Then, slowly put down your hands and meditate for about 30 minutes or more if possible. This process will help you to calm your mind and remove all the negative thoughts.

Helps to Reveal the Inner Self

Aquamarine is a powerful stone that helps you to reveal the inner self which enhances self-love and guide you to a better future. Not only it reveals the inner self, it also guides you to reveal the truth of the people around you helping you to find out fake and real friends.

Raw Aquamarine Crystal.
Raw Aquamarine Crystal.
Image Source: Pinterest

Prophecy Stone

Aquamarine, also known as "prophecy stone", enhances our mind, gives us wisdom, ensures the truth, balances ego, and purifies our thoughts. It holds a special kind of power that helps us succeed even if our life is going rough. Back in the old days, this stone was used by seers to foretell the future of someone. 

Heart Chakra

Aquamarine is associated with heart chakra which is the fourth primary chakra. It is located near the heart, in the central channel of the spine. These stones activate the heart chakra that provides love, relationship, compassion, joy, and warmth. With this chakra, conversation or exchange between people will become more positive and have more benefits.   

Reduces Stress

Aquamarine has a calm and soothing energy that helps in calming our mind and reducing stress. Wearing the necklace or bracelet made out of this stone will help you if you have a behavior of getting angry easily. It will help you a lot if you seek peace in your life.  

Benefits Sleep

Sleeping with this stone beside you or by keeping it under your bed while sleeping will promote better sleep. The stress or burden that you carry all day will be gone when you wake up and your body will be recharged fully. Also, Insomnia and nightmares will be reduced significantly with the help of these stones.

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