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10 Facts About September Birthstone Sapphire That You Want to Know

zina Published On Fri Dec 13 2019   Modified On Fri Dec 13 2019
10 Facts About September Birthstone Sapphire That You Want to Know

Sapphire is mostly referred to as a rich blue gems stone that displays royalty in it. Although the royal blue is common and most famous, they come in a variety of colors except red. It is mined from the same mineral, corundum as ruby but they can be distinguished by the color red. While ruby is always red, sapphire is never red.

It is a birthstone of September and is often given as a gift to someone born in that month. Besides being the birthstone of September, this royal stone has some other interesting facts too.

History of Sapphire

Sapphires have been around for thousands of years and have been holding great value as a healing stone, jewelry, and industrial uses since ancient times to today. It was strictly worn only by royalty and high priests until the late 17th century. If anyone else were found wearing it, they would be punished.


Sapphire has been considered as a stone of purity, longevity, and loyalty. In Latin, it is called sapphirus and in Greek sappheiros which mean 'blue color'. There is also a belief that the name comes from Sanskrit word sanipriya which means "dear to Saturn".

These gemstones are mostly found in Myanmar, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Brazil, North America, and Africa. Like most of the gems, the value depends on its color, cut, clarity, and carats, the origin place of sapphire equally affects its value. 

Colors of Sapphire

Sapphire comes in different variants of colors which includes blue being the most common and desirable shade. It comes in every color of the rainbow except red, which is rubies. Other color includes pink, yellow, white, green, orange.

Colors of Sapphires.
Picture of Different Sapphire Colors.
Image Source: The Diamond Store Magazine

Rarest Sapphire

Padparadscha is the rarest sapphire which comes in pinkish-orange color. The name is given from the Sanskrit name for lotus flower. It was also gifted to Princess Eugenie by her partner Jack Brooksbank as an engagement ring while purposing her in front of a volcano in Nicaragua where they were on their vacation. 

Princess Eugenie padparadscha sapphire engagement ring.
Princess Eugenie Engagement Ring.
Image Source: Her World

Strong and Durable

This stone is one of the most strong natural elements in the world. Its hardness is 9 of 10 Moh Scale which is cannot be scratched easily by any other naturally formed elements besides diamond that score 10 of 10. Due to its hardness and durability, it is an excellent choice for daily wear jewelry and engagement rings. 

Anniversary and Zodiac Stone

It is not only the birthstone for the September babies but is also a stone for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary and stone for Virgo and Libra zodiac sign. 

Royalty Ring

The deep blue Sapphire has always been associated with royalty. The medieval king used to wear this stone in a belief that it would protect them from their enemies. In 1796, a French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave his beloved wife a two stone sapphire with a diamond in the middle as an engagement ring.

One of the most famous sapphire today is the one worn by Princess Diana and now by princess Catherine, her daughter-in-law. It was given to Lady Diana Spencer as an engagement ring by England's Prince Charles in 1981. It is an oval-shaped, 12-carat royal blue sapphire that is surrounded by diamonds.

Lady Diana and Princess Catherine sapphire engagement ring.
Royal Sapphire Ring.
Image Source:

Industrial Uses

Due to its hardness, many industries have used this gem in manufacturing cutting tools, watches the lens, monitor screens, sandpaper, electrical insulators because of its durability. The Apple brand also has produced Apple Watch Series 3 which is screen is lab-created sapphire crystal. It makes the screen scratch-resistant.

Mystical Power

Throughout history, many cultures have been associating Sapphire to mystical power and other heavenly bodies. They have been believing that this stone holds some powerful component that protects them from evil, provide them peace of mind, calmness, and good health. 

The middle-aged people believed that it can cure eye diseases and used it for curing or alleviating problems with eyes. Besides its use for protection and curing disease, it has also been used for symbolizing faithfulness and nobility. 

Color Change

Sapphire is one of the most intriguing facts about this beautiful stone is the ability to change its color in different lights. It can change into various colors under the influence of different lightning. It subtly changes its color to bluish-purple in incandescent light from blue daylight color.

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