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10 Facts About October Birthstone Tourmaline That You Want to Know

limz Published On Thu Dec 12 2019   Modified On Thu Dec 12 2019
 10 Facts About October Birthstone Tourmaline That You Want to Know

The derivation of the word tourmaline is from Singhalese word turmali, which means "mixture of all colored gems". It is the birthstone for the people born in October. 

There are three main species of this stone which is schorl, dravite, and elbaite. These stones come in almost every color. It is a perfect stone to decorate your jewelry.


It is a kind of that is produced in Pegmatites which are igneous rocks, which are formed underground during the final stage of crystallization. They contain hot liquid which is plentiful in varieties of minerals. When the hot liquid cools down and crystallizes, Tourmaline is formed.

History of Tourmaline

During the 1800s scientists discovered these stones to be their own species and before that, it was known as Emeralds. In the early 1500s was discovered by one of the Spanish conquistador in Brazil. People of China were so much in love with these stones that they desirably bought these stones as they were discovered. 

Mining Places

Tourmalines can be found mainly in each and every part of the world but above all the other places, Brazil and Africa is the main place where these stones are mined. Some of the famous places where these stones can be mined are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, USA, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Spiritual Healing 

Its healing properties differ largely just like its color. This stone is not only known for its beauty but also for its special spiritual healing properties. It increases our confidence, reduces our fear or insecurities significantly, strengthens our body and spirit and keeps the mind free from negative thoughts.

Physical Healing

Tourmaline is related to many physical healing properties like the heart, joints, lungs, lives and other parts of the body. Wearing Tourmaline jewelry or keeping it in your pocket will help you reduce the risk of heart attack. They help to relieve us from the pain of leg, ankle, feet, joints, and spines. Wearing it might improve our immune system and detoxify blood.

Emotional Healing

These stones give us positive vibes and convert our mind from negative to positive. They help us to reduce tension, depression, guilt and fill the body with energy. It keeps us free from nightmares, insomnia and keeps us free from any kind of substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmalines are one of the most demanded or desired gems throughout the world. It was discovered in the hills of the Brazilian state of Paraiba by Heitor Dimas Barbosa in the 1980s. This stone was named after the place where it was first discovered. It's rarity, bright glow and color makes it so much better than any other stones.

A Picture Of Paraiba Tourmaline
A Picture Of Paraiba Tourmaline
Image Source: Devon Fine Jewelry

8 Year Anniversary Gemstone

In 1912, Tourmaline became the official birthstone of October and also 8-year anniversary gemstones. Celebrating marriage anniversary has been started since the start of the middle ages. People give precious things to their wives to celebrate their anniversary and keep the relationship long-lasting.

Traditionally, couples give Tourmaline as a gift during the 8th year of their marriage anniversary thinking that it helps them to enhance tolerance and understanding.

Rubellites Tourmaline

Rubellites is a variety of tourmaline and it's color varies from deep purplish-pink to a purplish-red. They are a very rare stone and are perfect for jewelry stones. Because of the rarity and its eye-catching beauty, these stones are more valuable than ruby.

A Picture of Rubellite Tourmaline
A Picture of Rubellite Tourmaline
Image Source: Gem Rock Auctions

Shape, Size and, Color

Like other gemstones, some of the common cuts of these stones are pear, heart, oval and rectangular shapes. The cut with rectangular shapes is also called "emerald cuts". They come in sizes of both large and small. Just like rubellites, chrome tourmaline which are above 10 carats are rare to find.

Tourmaline can be found in all kinds of colors. Some of them are even colorless. The most common color of these gemstones are black, brown, red, orange, pink, green and, blue.

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