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10 Facts About November Birthstone Citrine That You Want to Know

limz Published On Fri Dec 13 2019   Modified On Fri Dec 13 2019
10 Facts About November Birthstone Citrine That You Want to Know

Citrine is the birthstone for the people born in November. The derivation of the word citrine is from the Old French word "citron", which means "lemon". 

The word citrine is given as it's color is related to the color of lemon. The color of these stones varies from tawny brown to vivid yellow.


Natural citrines are very rare and are found in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Especially, the formation takes place at the time of the volcanic eruption in the siliceous volcanic lava that flows forth in a great volume and goes deep inside the cavities and veins of the rocks.

Places Where Citrines Are Mined

Mostly, these stones are found all over the world. Some of the famous places for mining these stones are Spain, France, Britain, Madagascar, America, Bolivia, and Brazil. Rio Grande do Sol state in Southern Brazil is the largest provider of natural citrine.

Shape, Size, And Color

These gemstones come in many different shapes and sizes. The size of this stone varies from 1mm to 20mm and the most common shapes are round, oval, square, octagon, pear, marquise and heart. The color of these stones varies from tawny brown to vivid yellow. 


Citrine is a member of the yellow or large quartz family. It is the 7th hardest stone i.e has the hardness of 7 on Mohs scale. Many of these stones lack visible inclusions. Citron varies from the color of lemon (light yellow) to the color of whiskey (dark brown). 


Citrine is one of the affordable gemstones. We can determine its value by cut, clarity, size, and quality. These stones mainly lack visible inclusions which increase the value but if the light-colored gems have visible inclusions then the price will decrease. Those stone with a color pattern similar to that of smoke have a lower value.


These stones give us the hope of a better future and life. It is a symbol of happiness. It gives us the experience of the warmth of the sun and it represents sunshine, hope, honor, loyalty, joy, and optimism. These stones promotes mental comfort and energizes our body. They are believed to fill our life with comfort, joy, and happiness.

Healing Properties 

These stones raise one's confidence in their worth and help to reduce depression and negative thoughts. They bring positiveness, happiness, freshness in life and relax our mind and body. They help us cure eye-related problems, diabetes, increase the immune system and blood circulation.

Citrines Mined In Brazil

 As Citrines are very rare in Brazil, most of these stones are produced by heating amethyst for straight 8 hours to 400-degree celsius. This process was discovered by August Lamberts, a German immigrant who worked with amethyst in Rio Grande Do Sul. 

 All the amethysts will not turn into citrine but a few will turn if done in the right way. During this process, many of the amethysts will not change their color. Some of them will break down and some may become milky.

Citrine and Topaz Are Not The Same

Both of these stones are the birthstone of November and also the color is not so different. This does not mean that both are the same. Citrine is the variety of mineral quartz but Topaz comes from a different mineral which is a mineral of aluminum.  

The Yellow stone is Citrine and the Blue stone is Topaz.
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Cleaning Citrine is quite simple but you should avoid steam cleaning it as these stones should not undergo the experience of heat. Steaming wall damage these stones so it better not to clean it by steaming.

First, take a bowl of lukewarm water and add some detergent in the water. Then, soak it in the water for half an hour. After this process, remove the stone and gently clean it with a soft brush. Then, rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft and clean cloth. 

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