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10 Facts About May Birthstone Emerald That You Want to Know

limz Published On Thu Dec 05 2019   Modified On Thu Dec 05 2019
10 Facts About May Birthstone Emerald That You Want to Know

Emerald is the birthstone for the people born in May and is mostly known for its beauty. This stone is rich in green colour and radiates an attractive vivid tone. 

It is the rarest of all the gemstones, including diamond. The derivation of the word Emerald is from the Greek word "smaragdus" which means "green".

Places Where Emeralds are Mined

As we know, Emerald are very rare to find so they are mined only in few places of the world. Some of the places where Emeralds are mined are Colombia, Russia, Zambia, Brazil and Afghanistan.

Value of Emerald

Mostly the value of Emerald is determined by its weight, clarity, purity, size of the cut and its glow. Unlike other gemstones, if the Emerald is without imperfection it is more valuable. If you have good knowledge about this stone, it can be more valuable than Diamonds. High-quality Emerald are much rarer than Diamonds as it is difficult to mine.

First Mined in Egypt

The oldest or first known Emeralds were mined in Egypt around 1500 BC. They were 2.97 billion years old. When it was first discovered in Colombia, they were highly prized by Incas and Aztecs. 

Emeralds were used by The Incas to decorate their jewelry for 500 years. They are one of the four gemstones (Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies).

Modern History

In today's world, people wear Emeralds to show their beauty, wealth and passion. Angelina Jolie, who played leading actress in the movie "Maleficent" and other famous movies wore it during the 2009 Oscars which was worth millions of dollars. 

Angelina Jolie wearing Emerald
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Related with Greek Goddess Venus

Greek Goddess Venus, also known as Goddess of love is said to be related to Emeralds. It is said that if a lover is faithful to their loved ones then the stone will glow, but if they are not faithful then the colour of it will start to fade away.

Mystical Power

People believed that if one possesses this stone, they will be able to see the unspoken truth and also their knowledge will broaden. In ancient times, people wore it because they thought that God will protect them in their journey of life and help them cure diseases like malaria, pancreas, depression, etc. People also believed that by looking at it you can rest your tired eyes.

Gem of Eternal Youth

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, also known as "Queen of the Nile", wore it to achieve eternal youth and beauty. She was famous for wearing the Emerald. After the death of Cleopatra, she was buried in a tombstone with Emeralds and Ancient Egyptians started a tradition to bury the dead people in a tombstone with Emeralds to represent eternal youth.

Healing Properties

Due to the gentle colour of Emerald, it can help soothe our eyes and can also prevent from Insomnia if we stare at this gemstone before going to bed. Nightmares can be prevented by wearing it or by keeping it under the pillow of the bed while sleeping.

The Duke of Devonshire Emerald

One of the famous and largest uncut Emeralds in the world is The Duke of Devonshire. This stone was found in the mine of Muzo, Colombia at the start of the 19th century. It is a dark green emerald which weighs approximately 1383.95 carats. 

Duke of Devonshire Emerald
Image Source: Драгоценные камни

Symbolism of Emerald

Emerald, one of the rarest gemstone, is mainly known for its symbol of love and peace. The color green calms the mind of the people and it also indicates peace. Because of its rich green color, people look at it to ease the pain in their head. It is also believed that it will lead to a better future.

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