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10 Facts About June Birthstone Alexandrite That You Want to Know

zina Published On Wed Dec 11 2019   Modified On Wed Dec 11 2019
10 Facts About June Birthstone Alexandrite That You Want to Know

Alexandrite is one of the three birthstones of the lucky June which includes Pearls, Moonstones, and Alexandrite. It is also rare compared to all three stones. 

It is the kind of stone that fascinates everyone and many want to buy it but only a few can buy due to its cost and availability. If you could buy one then you are the lucky one. 

Meaning of Alexandrite

The Alexandrite was added on the list of the June birthstone in 1952. Compared to other gemstones, this gem is very recent that has been around for only around 200 years. 

A Russian writer named Nikolai Semyonovich Leskov described this stone as a "prophetic stone". Whereas, a French author, known as Eliphas Levi in his book 'The Key to the Great Mysteries' has described how this gem could clear and strengthen human blood vessels.


Alexandrite is not a very old stone and was discovered only in 1830 by the mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiƶld from Finland. It was discovered in emerald mines of Russia's Ural Mountains. At first, he believed that it was Emerald but when he discovered that it was harder than emerald and can change color under lights, he knew he found a new gem.

The royalty of Russia named the gem after Tsar Alexander II, the future leader of the country at that time. 

Largest Uncut Alexandrite

The largest uncut alexandrite that was found is Sauer Alexandrite which weighs about 122,5400 carats. It was found in 1967 in Bahia, Brazil. The name was given after the person who discovered it: Jules Roger Sauer. 

Rare and Expensive

Alexandrite is one of the rare and expensive stones that anyone cannot afford to buy. It was discovered in 1830 and until 1982, Russia was the only place of source. Later it was found in India, Brazil, and Burma too but despite the new supply, it still is one of the rare stones that are hard to find. 

The natural Alexandrite is even rare than diamonds and is more expensive than ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

Limited Shapes

This stone only comes in small sizes as bigger size are very rare and hard to find. Therefore, they usually have very limited shapes which are commonly cushion and round cuts. These two cuts are the best for smaller size and are often seen as rings, in the necklace and small, round-cut in bracelets.

A Alexandrite and Diamond Ring.
Alexandrite and Diamond Ring.
Image Source: Bario Neal


Alexandrite is one of the hardest stones on the planet which has a hardness of 8.5 Mohs. It is the third hardest compared to all the gemstones. Its solidity makes it one of the favorable stone among jewelry craftsmen as it gives artisans come up with complex design ideas without fearing of easy break of the gem.

Love and Fortune

The June birthstone Alexandrite is believed to bring love and good fortune to its wearer. It is very closely associated with the crown chakra which leads to creativity, strong intuition, imagination, and wisdom. Wearing this gem brings joy, happiness to life and form a new hope for love in the life of the wearer.

Changes in Color

The classic Alexandrite can change its color under the influence of different lightning. The color changes to green when it is exposed to the sun and into red in incandescent light. Likewise, they have the ability to changes various colors in different types of lights which are shown in the picture below.

Pictures of Alexandrite changing colors under different lights.
Alexandrite changing color.
Image Source:

Care and Cleaning

As a hard stone, it does not break easily, so it can be used for regular uses. However, it is necessary to use it with care as it is not completely unbreakable and it struck hard, it can break into two pieces. Clean it with mild water using soap and a soft brush on it. While most of the gemstone can be damaged by using steamers or an ultrasonic cleaner, alexandrite is safe with this method of cleaning. 

Healing Properties of Alexandrite

Like many gemstones available in the market, this stone also has the healing properties that are benefited for the well being of the human being. It is believed to heal the pancreas, neurological tissues, and spleen. 

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