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10 Facts About July Birthstone Ruby That You Want to Know

limz Published On Thu Dec 12 2019   Modified On Thu Dec 12 2019
10 Facts About July Birthstone Ruby That You Want to Know

Ruby is the gemstone for the people born in July. They vary from pink to dark blood red. The derivation of the word Ruby is from the Latin word "Rubens", which means "red".

Ruby and sapphires are known to be siblings as they are the varieties of corundum. They are known to be the second hardest stones.

History of Ruby

The history of this stone is quite splendid. It was mentioned in the bible four times because of its beauty. Ruby held so much beauty that Royal members were very fond of this stone. There is a word for Ruby in Sanskrit, "Ratnaraj", which literally means, "King of Precious Stones". Today, most of the famous rubies can be found in the collection of museums.


Ruby are made up of the mineral corundum. Just like a diamond and other gemstones, they are formed deep below the surface of Earth and excessive heat and pressure are needed. The formation of ruby also includes small impurity of chromic oxide in corundum.

Natural Ruby Crystal.
A Picture of Natural Ruby Crystal.
Image Source: Wikipedia


Just like other gemstones, the value of a Ruby is determined by its color, size, clarity, and cut. Because it is rare and difficult to mine large rubies value more than large diamonds. Of all the other gemstones, they have a higher price. 

In ancient times, Kublai Khan who was the Khagan of the Mongol Empire sold an entire city for a ruby. From this, we can know how much value a ruby holds.

Symbol of Passion

As we all know, red is a complicated color. It is a color of love, passion, lust, joy, and beauty. It is believed that Ruby will give you courage and passion for life. It will help you overcome the fear of death. In ancient times, this stone was prized to the brave soldiers as they believe that it will protect them from any kind of harms.

Fashion, Style, and Trends

In modern society, people wear Ruby to define their beauty, wealth and passion. Only wearing a necklace or ring made out of ruby can take your outfit to a whole next level. 

Scarlett Johansson, known for her beauty and acting skill, wore a cocktail ring made out of ruby in 2011 Oscars. 

Scarlett Johansson wearing a cocktail ring made of Ruby.
Scarlett Johansson wearing a cocktail ring made of Ruby.
Image Source: The Jewellery Editor

Shape, Size, and Color

Ruby varies in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Most of the famous cuts for rubies in the market are round, heart, oval, cushion, emerald, pear, and marquise. They come in small to large sizes. Larger the ruby, the value of it will be more and they can be more valuable than diamonds. They can be found in pink to dark-blood red color.

Places Where They are Mined

Myanmar sells 95% of the rubies in the world's market of jewelers. It is the main source of Rubies. Other places where Rubies are mined are Pakistan, Australia, India, Vietnam, Russia, and the U.S. 

125 West Ruby

125 West Ruby is one of the largest known uncut rough ruby gemstone which weighs 18,696 carats. This gemstone is not used for making stones but it is perfect for craving. It measures 122.4mm x 112.3mm x 133.9mm. If it is polished but not faceted, it would be the largest cut and polished gemstone in the world.

Picture of 125 West Ruby
Picture of 125 West Ruby, which is the largest of it's kind.
Image Source: Pinterest

The Sunrise Ruby

It is the most expensive ruby in the world which has the color of Pigeons Blood Red. This color is rarest of all among the rubies. It weighed 25.59 carats and was sold at the price of $30.4 million. Its name was given after a poem written by Sufi poet Rumi.

The Sunrise Ruby
Picture of The Sunrise Ruby, which is the most expensive.
Image Source: The National

Hope Ruby

It is the most expensive ruby to be ever sold at auction. Lily Safra, who is one of the richest people of the world sold this stone at an auction for $6.7 million. This stone was one of the collection of Lily Safra. It was a cushion-shaped Burmese ruby and diamond which weighed 32.08 carats. 

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