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10 Facts About January Birthstone Garnet That You Want to Know

zina Published On Mon Dec 02 2019   Modified On Mon Dec 02 2019
10 Facts About January Birthstone Garnet That You Want to Know

The January birthstone has been around for thousands of years. Although it comes in many hues like tan, blue, red, pink, green, purple, orange, yellow, black, and even colorless. The Garnet, as a January birthstone is mostly referred to as the red garnet.

Dark red is the most common and well-known hue for Garnet which is why this is the only color that is used for January people. Wearing this stone adds a dash of vibrant to your outfit and you cannot simply go wrong choosing this stunning, intense red stone for your every outfit.

Besides the fact that this stone is the birthstone for January babies, there are other facts about this dazzling stone that you will love to know about. 

The Rarest Garnet

The Demantoid Garnet is the rarest of all the variety of the January's birthstone. It is also one of the most valuable and expensive stones that are able to disperse more light than most gemstones including diamond. It is found in vivid green to yellowish-green which is almost close to the color of emerald.

Demantoid Garnet.
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Blue Garnet is also considered a rare stone and it also has the ability to change its appearance of the color. Under natural light, the color appears blue-green whereas under artificial light, the color changes to purple.

Not Only Used as Birthstone 

Although Garnet is a popular birthstone for January, it has also be gifted on many occasions as it is believed to have metaphysical properties. In Medieval times, wearing this stone was thought to protect its wearer from poison, bad dreams, and other wounds in the body.

Since red is also considered as a color of love, this stone is also seen in engagement ring pairing with diamonds as a promise of lasting love. It is also given in the form of jewelry in anniversaries.

Diamond and Garnet are Found Together

Diamond and Garnet are very closely related as both are formed under similar conditions. Many geologists have found diamond embedded in garnet or garnet embedded in the diamond. The deep red inclusions of the garnet have been found often in diamonds and vice versa.

Red Garnet Stone and Diamond Combined Ring.
Image Source: deBebians

Light and Protection for Travelers

This stone is also known as the "travelers gemstone".In ancient times, travelers used to carry a Garnet with them as it was thought to protect them from evils and bad happening on their journey. Therefore, even today, it is given to someone traveling to another country or somewhere far from home for the sake of a loved one's safety. 

Healing Properties

In the middle ages, this gemstone was used for healing numerous health problems. It was believed to control fever, inflammation, and bleeding. Sleeping with this stone by the side was believed to controls nightmares.

Derived From Latin Word

Garnet's name is derived from the Greek name 'pomum granatum’ which is referred to the 'pomegranate seed'. It was named so due to this stone strong resemblance to the pomegranate seed with its intense, dark red color. Therefore, garnet gems are often associated with pomegranate. 

Used in War 

In ancient times, Garnet was carried in war and fights by soldiers to keep them protected from injuries and death. While Garnet was carried for healing and protection, in 1892, the Hunzas in Kashmir used garnet bullet in a war against imperial British forces. They had a belief that the garnet bullets were more effective and deadlier than lead bullets!

Popular in the Victorian Era

The Bohemian garnet was a very popular and widely used gem in the Victorian era. This stone from Eastern Europe was very popular to make beautiful and stunning jewelry.

Aids in Business

It is believed that Garnet has been beneficial in the field of business. Wearing this stone attracts people which is very much fruitful if the business is people-oriented. The wearer has to be business-minded and this gem is said to change any crisis into challenges.

Versatile Stone

The garnet is a versatile stone that can be cut into different shapes and sizes to retain the most carat weight. The most common shapes that it is cut are oval, round, and cushion. It comes in a virtual rainbow of colors and there are also hybrid garnets that come in two or more types of colors.

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