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8 Facts About February Birthstone Amethyst That You Want to Know

limz Published On Thu Dec 05 2019   Modified On Thu Dec 05 2019
8 Facts About February Birthstone Amethyst That You Want to Know

Amethyst is February's birthstone which is purple or violet quartz and is used as a gem. Many royal family members used this stone because of its indescribable beauty and is known as the color of royalty.  

When royal family members of England, Queen Elizabeth started wearing the gemstone, it became more and more popular among the citizens. After this, most of the people started wearing it due to the influence of the royal family.

Named After a Young Girl 

According to the people of Greek, Amethyst was a young girl who became the victim of a Greek God Dionysus when he became drunk after drinking Red Wine. Due to the fear of Dionysus, the girl sought help from Goddess Diana, who then immediately turned the girl into a shining stone. 

Tears of Dionysus started dripping when he realized his mistake and felt guilty for it. The goblet filled with Red Wine fell and it spread all over the shining stone. The stone soaked all the Red Wine until it became purple quartz, which is now known as Amethyst. 

Less Expensive Stone

This stone was very rare and was mined in Brazil only. When people discovered that this stone can be found in other places too like Canada, India, Namibia, and Russia the price decreased rapidly. Nowadays, people can buy these gemstones at a low price compared to other gemstones. 

Mostly Used as Valentine's Day Present 

Amethyst gemstone is also a symbol of sacred love. It is a gemstone for the people born in February, plus Valentine's day is celebrated in February, which is the month for lovers. Therefore, people gift this stone as a symbol of love for their special ones.

Amethysts Necklace
Image Source: JW Weldon

Helps to Become Sober 

Amethyst is derived from the Greek word "Amethystos" which means unintoxicated. They believed that wearing Amethysts would prevent you from getting drunk. Not only by wearing this gem but also if you drink from a glass or cup made up of this gem, it will help to keep you sober.

Stone of Peace 

There is a belief that people with sleeping problems will have a more peaceful night if they sleep with this gemstone under the pillow or if worn to bed. This stone will help its wearer wake early with a fresh mind and active body. It is believed to alleviates oversleeping problems with no side effects. 

People tend to have a more peaceful mind, body, and soul due to the stone. Due to these reasons, it is also called "stone of peace". 

Considered as a Sacred Stone 

Amethyst is quite popular among all the people. Most of the people believed that keeping the stone will make their life secure and they can live a happy and peaceful life. Leonardo Da Vinci, who painted the famous portrait of Monalisa, told that these stones help to live a prosperous life and the people will not have evil thoughts.

Rectangular Amethysts
Image Source: DZD

Relieves From Stress 

This stone helps our mind, body, and soul to relax and be free from any kind of stress. Because of this gemstone, our body can be full of energy, positive vibes, and inner peace. Our body will be both mentally and physically strong as it improves our spiritual and mental abilities.  

Enhance Psychic Abilities 

Amethyst is a mysterious kind of stone. People believe that It helps to enhance psychic abilities which helps us to clear and open up our third eye. According to the myths, the third eye gives us more wisdom and a quick insight and it helps us in psychic protection. 

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