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10 Reasons to have Emeralds at Home. Facts and Benefits of Precious Gemstone

zina Published On Mon Dec 02 2019   Modified On Mon Dec 02 2019
10 Reasons to have Emeralds at Home. Facts and Benefits of Precious Gemstone

Emeralds have been fascinating gems for many cultures from thousands of years. It comes in light to dark green. A pure Emerald is clear which is very hard and rare to find as most of the emerald has dark spots which are later polished. 

This beautiful green gem is counted in the top three gemstones around the world. Another reason for its popularity is that it is highly beneficial for the well-being of humans and is kept in many homes. 

Reasons to Have Emeralds at Home

This precious gem had been worn by people from ancient times. It is said to have healing properties that can be benefited for the good being of people who wears this stone. It is believed that this gem generates positive energy of love, hope, connections, and many more. 

Here are the reasons why you should wear or own emeralds at your home. 

Mental and Spiritual Healing Power

This green stone has healing properties of physical healing, mental healing, and spiritual healing. It is helpful for people suffering from different physical and emotional difficulties. 

It will help relationships with your loved ones, give you the strength to overcome any emotional breakdown or physical disease. It does wonder for the person having difficulties or trouble in speech.

Emerald healing power.
Image Source: Elune Blue

Bless Us Wealth

Emeralds bless one with great wealth as it provides the power to the wearer and holds the money. The financial position of the family improves and not only that, it helps to experience true abundance beyond mere money. 

Boon for Students

Emerald is a true benefit for students as it will help to be focused on study for someone who cannot concentrate on studies. Not only for students but someone working hard for business, promotion, or exams can wear this stone to increase their intellectual level and memory. 

Better Communication Skills

This stone is said to Enhance your communication skills. It will provide the power for someone that lacks the confidence to speak in public, around friends and relatives or colleague. It is also believed that this stone can ease the speech for someone having a speech disorder. 

Creative Career

For anyone thinking of perusing their career in creative fields like music, painting, writing, composing or other fields, this gem gifts them with great imaginations. They become creative and will progress in their respective fields. 

Avoids Negative Energy

Keeping Emerald stone at your home will save you from any kind of negative forces or enemies. It will release a power that will protect your house and family from any kind of negative energy. 

Helps in Meditation

Meditating with an Emerald stone will help you to be more focused and go deep in the meditative state. It will balance the breathing and keep your concentration on your inner you. It will keep you calm and peace.

Lord Buddha's Emerald statue.
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Good For Pregnant Woman

There is a belief from an ancient time that a pregnant woman wearing Emerald does not have to tolerate a long time labor pain. It will regulate the blood flow in the body and reduce stress and pain providing a hassle-free delivery. 

Strong Intuition 

Wearing Emerald gives a strong intuition about the surroundings and the person around you. Therefore, keeping this powerful stone at your house gives you the power to know the intention of people and you can make the right decision about them. 

Avoid Snakes

It is believed that wearing Emerald decrease the chances of getting bit by snakes. Keeping this stone at home will keep your house free and safe from snakes. Therefore, these gems are best for people living in a forest side where chances of encountering snakes are high.


Now you know the power and benefits that can be acquired from Emerald. Keeping this stone at home will keep you and your family safe, healthy, and strong. Keep an emerald stone or hang an emerald pendant at the door of your house. wearing it by all the family members will benefit more.