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limz Published On Sun Jan 19 2020   Modified On Sun Jan 19 2020

Diamonds are the birthstone of April and those born in April are quite lucky to have such precious stone as their birthstone. Traditionally, it is given as a gift on the 10th and 60th wedding anniversary.

Diamond is one of the most sought after gemstone in the world. No one in the world wouldn't have heard about this gemstone. 

Let's look and the meaning, formation, uses, and more about the diamond.


Diamond is a transparent and hardest naturally occurring gemstone that has a cubic crystal system. They are a surprisingly astonishing stone. They are almost unbreakable and but it does not mean they cannot be broken. If struck at the right angle with the right amount of impact, these gemstones can break.

Why is Diamond the Birthstone For April?

The Hope Diamond, the world’s most famous diamond.
The Hope Diamond, the world’s most famous diamond.
Image Source: Smithsonian Institution

There is no evidence of how the gemstones are now associated with specific months. Some say that the 12 gems in Aaron's breastplate became associated with zodiac signs and months. However, April babies are kind, sympathetic, and eternal optimists, Diamonds make perfect gemstone for them.

Origin and History

The earliest deposits of Diamonds are said to be formed over 3 billion years ago. These stones were only mined in India before the discovery of it in Brazil in 1725. The derivation of the word Diamond was from the Greek word "Adamas" which means "invincible". 

In Indian, Diamonds were used as soon as the start of the 3rd century. There is an Indian description of the 3rd century that describes the strength, brilliance, and refractive properties of Diamonds. Among all the other places, Kalkutta was known to be a very important trading center in central India.

Formation Process

Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth's crust, about 150 km-200 km under the condition of intense heat and pressure. It will result in the carbon atoms to crystallize and this process will help in the formation of Diamonds.


Diamond is one of the allotropes of carbon and its chemical formula is C. Diamond ranks top on the Mohs scale with the hardness of 10. 


The types of Diamonds are given below:

  • White Diamonds
  • Champagne Diamonds
  • Pink Champagne Diamonds
  • Yellow Diamonds
  • Blue Diamonds
  • Green Diamonds
  • Purple Diamonds
  • Synthetic Diamonds

Colors Available

Different Colors of Diamonds.
Different Colors of Diamonds.
Image Source: Angara

Diamond occurs in a variety of color and some of them are listed below:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Steel Gray
  • Red
  • Green
  • Pink to Purple
  • Brown
  • Black

Mines Available

Here is the list of some of the famous Diamond mines.

  • Cullinan Diamond Mine, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Jwaneng, South Central Botswana
  • Jubilee, Republic of Sakha, Russia
  • Catoca Diamond Mine, Lunda Sul, Angola

Cost Per Carat

Diamonds are a highly valuable gemstone and the prices of these stones are quite complicated. If 1 carat Diamonds can range from $2,500 to $16,000 then 2 carat diamond price can range from $7,700 to $72,000. Their value depends upon four C's - cut, carat, clarity, and color.

The largest gem-quality rough Diamonds ever found was the Cullinan Diamonds. It weighs approximately 3,106.75 carats (621.35 g) and its price is about $400 million.


Diamond is a versatile gemstone that is used in many sectors. Some of the uses of Diamonds are given below:

  • They are widely used for making beautiful jewelry.
  • They are used in industries as a form of a powder that is very effective while cutting, drilling, and polishing.
  • Diamonds powder is also used in hair and skin products.
  • In ancient India, it was used as engraving tools.

Spiritual Properties

Throughout history, Diamonds are regarded as highly spiritual. Here are some of the spiritual properties listed below:

  • These stones symbolize purity and help to heighten creativity, promote love and self-respect, bring harmony, and improve the connection to the divine.
  • It also helps to detoxify the blood, treat dizziness, counteract poison, and heal allergies.


Extraterrestrial Diamonds.
Extraterrestrial Diamonds.
Image Source: LondonDE

Here are some of the interesting and fun facts of Diamonds.

  • A diamond can only be scratched by another Diamond.
  • Throughout the world, only 20% of Diamonds are used in jewelry and the rest of them are used for industrial purposes.
  • Candle flames consist of millions of tiny diamond particles.
  • Scientists can turn human ashes into Diamonds.
  • Diamonds can be found in outer-space which are known as extraterrestrial Diamonds.

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