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Demantoid Garnet Gemstone - All About This Gem

limz Published On Sat Mar 21 2020   Modified On Sat Mar 21 2020
Demantoid Garnet Gemstone - All About This Gem

Demantoid Garnet is one of the rarest varieties of the mineral Andradite Garnet. It is the most valuable form of Garnet. These stones exhibit a cubic crystal system and have a specific gravity of 3.84. As it is the variety of Garnet, it can be worn by the people born in January.

Demantoid Garnet symbolizes faith, truth, constancy, strength, prosperity, safety, abundance, warmth, sincerity, and trust.

Let us learn more about Demantoid Garnet.


Demantoid Garnet is the green gemstone variety of Andradite that has a high refractive nature. Although Tsavorite and Demantoid are different garnet group minerals, they have been many times confused with each other due to their color. These stones can balance and open up the heart chakra. It helps to fill our life with compassion, love, and beauty, purify all the negative energies, balance the sex drive, and promote long-lasting relationships.

Origin and History

Demantoid Garnet Gemstone.
Demantoid Garnet Gemstone.
Image Source: Seda Gems

In 1853, Demantoid Garnet was first discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia. Just like Diamonds, these stones have high brilliance and dispersion. So it was given the name "Demantoid" that is derived from the French word "Diamant" which means "Diamond". Since its discovery, it has been widely used by the people in different forms of jewelry. In 2009 in Madagascar, another significant discovery of Demantoid and Andradite Garnet took place.

Formation Process

Demantoid Garnet mostly occurs in schists and serpentine rocks; metamorphosed limestones and contact zones. These stones are commonly formed in skarns with no to very little chromium content.


The chemical formula of the Demantoid garnet is Ca3Fe2Si3O12. It has a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale.

Colors Available

Green Demantoid Garnet Necklace.
Green Demantoid Garnet Necklace.
Image Source: Pinterest

The color of Demantoid Garnet varies from light to deep green.

Mines Available

  • Lake Asbestos Mine, Quebec, Canada
  • Settarme-Chassan Mine, Aosta Valley, Italy
  • Antetezambato Demantoid-Topazolite Mine, Diana, Madagascar
  • Green Dragon Mine, Erongo, Namibia
  • Iron Mine, Murmansk Oblast, Russia

Cost Per Carat

The price of Demantoid Garnet with good color and some inclusions can range from $500-$700 and the stones having top color can cost almost $10000 per carat. The largest Demantoid ever found was discovered in the Russian Urals and weighed 252.5 carats.


Demantoid Garnets can be used as a gemstone in various forms of jewelry.

Spiritual Properties

  • Demantoid Garnets help to sharpen your perception, let go of obsolete ideas, keep you focused, increase stamina, and promote willpower.
  • These stones can treat the liver and pancreas, reduce arthritic pain, aid in the recovery of illness, improve your libido, and stimulate metabolism.
  • It also helps to alleviate emotional disharmony, raise self-esteem, dispel negativity, increase one’s bodily strength, and inspire devotion.


Demantoid Garnet Showing Fine Horse-Tail Like Fibres.
Demantoid Garnet Showing Fine Horse-Tail Like Fibres.
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Most of the Demantoid Garnets are less than 1 carats and the stones weighing more than 2 carats are extremely rare.
  • These stones have never been synthesized.
  • It has an adamantine luster and its pleochroism is absent.
  • Demantoids found in Russia have inclusions of chrysotile that resembles the tail of a horse.

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