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Citrine Gemstone | Everything You Need To Know

limz Published On Fri Jan 24 2020   Modified On Fri Jan 24 2020
Citrine Gemstone | Everything You Need To Know

Along with Topaz, Citrine is the birthstone of November and the zodiac stone of Cancer. Traditionally, these stones are given as a gift to celebrate the 13th wedding anniversary. 

For centuries, Citrine has been a great healing stone with the healing properties of the sun. These stones are a symbol of warm sun, vitality of life, happiness, energy, life, and strength.

Let us learn more about the November birthstone, Citrine.


Citrine is a glassy or transparent deep golden yellowish variety of quartz. The derivation of Citrine is from the French word "Citron" which means "Lemon" in reference to its color. Natural Citrines are very rare so today, the production of heat-treated Amethyst is increasing rapidly as it looks the same. Citrine helps the wearer to bring success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power in their life. 

Why is Citrine on the Birthstone of November? 

People born in November are most likely to think outside the box and they're hyper-focused. They are always loyal and they work hard to achieve their dreams. They don't follow other people and work by their own rules. These beautiful traits make Citrine fitting to be the birthstone of November. 

Origin and History

Orange Citrine Gemstone.
Orange Citrine Gemstone.
Image Source: Learning Geology

The name Citrine was famed by Georg Bauer also known as the father of modern mineralogy or Georgius Agricola in 1556. At first, these stones were known as "Yellow Quartz" but this name was replaced by "Citrine" in 1556. During the Hellenistic Age, these stones were used as decorative gems by ancient Greek people. 

As there is a belief that Citrine attracts wealth and prosperity, these gemstones were also known as "The Merchant's Stone". These stones were widely used by the Romans to carve intaglios(a design or piece of art which is engraved into something). As described in the book of Exodus, This beautiful gem is the tenth stone on the breastplate of Aaron.

Formation Process

Natural Citrines are mostly found in igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and they are extremely rare. During the volcanic eruption that takes place in the siliceous volcanic lave, it flows in a great volume and goes deep inside the cavities and veins of the rock. These beautiful stones are formed during this process.


The chemical formula of Citrine is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). According to the Mohs scale, these stones have a hardness of 7 and they have a vitreous luster.


  • Golden Citrine
  • Lemon Quartz
  • Madeira Citrine
  • Palmeira Citrine
  • Yellow Citrine

Colors Available

The color of these stones varies from tawny brown to vivid yellow.

Mines Available

  • Jinka ine, NT, Australia
  • Bahia Mine, Brazil
  • Colorado Mines, US

Cost Per Carat

The Malaga Citrine.
The Malaga Citrine.
Image Source: Imgur

The value of Citrine can be determined by its cut, clarity, size, and quality. The price of these stones can range from $10 - $30 making them one of the most affordable gemstone. The Malaga Citrine is the world's largest faceted Citrine that weighs 20,200 carats.


  • For thousands of years, Citrines have been used as a decorative gem in jewelry.
  • These stones were also used in carving.

Spiritual Properties

  • Citrine helps to heighten one's confidence, remove negativity, and bring happiness, prosperity, and positivity in one's life.
  • These stones also help to increase blood circulation, improve digestion, reduce the risk of eye-related problems, and cure diabetes.
  • It promotes motivation, reduces depression and anxiety, energizes the mind, protects the wearer, and dispels negativity.


Bolivian Ametrine Gemstone.
Bolivian Ametrine Gemstone.
Image Source:
  • Most of the natural Citrines that are sold in the market are heat-treated amethyst or smokey quartz.
  • These stones are quite durable as it has the hardness of 7on the Mohs scale.
  • The naturally occurring variety of quartz with the mixture of Citrine and Amethyst is known as"Ametrine".
  • These stones are rich in gold color because of the presence of iron in it.

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