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Chicken-Blood Stone Gemstone | A-Z About This Gem

limz Published On Thu Mar 19 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 19 2020
Chicken-Blood Stone Gemstone | A-Z About This Gem

Chicken-Blood Stone is a fine-grained mixture of dickite/kaolinite/alunite and quartz. It is one of the most prized materials in China. It is an extremely rare and incredibly beautiful stone. It consists of unreliable quantities of cinnabar and is highly valuable in the gem trade.

Chicken-Blood Stone symbolizes courage, balance, good luck, fortune, love, power, desire, and passion.

Let us learn more about Chicken-Blood Stone.


Chicken Blood Stone, also known as Changhua stone or Balinyouqi stone, is a rock rather than a mineral. The color of these stones is because of the presence of cinnabar. 

Due to the rarity of these stones, their market prices are increasing day by day. It can balance and open up the heart chakra. These stones help to be motivated by unconditional love, form deep bonds with other beings, and cultivate respect for self and others.

Origin and History

Chicken-Blood Stone Vase Pendant.
Chicken-Blood Stone Vase Pendant.
Image Source: AliExpress

The name "Chicken-Blood Stone" is derived from its color as it looks as though it has been splashed with the blood of a chicken. The only source of these stones is Changhua Town near Hangzhou and Balin in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. Throughout history, these beautiful stones have been of high importance to the Chinese people. 


There are no known types of Chicken-Blood Stone.

Colors Available

Red Chicken-Blood Stone Carving Skull Statue Figurine.
Red Chicken-Blood Stone Carving Skull Statue Figurine.
Image Source:
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Dark Red
  • Purple

Mines Available

  • Balinshi Mine, Inner Mongolia, China
  • Yuyan Mtn, Zhejiang, China

Cost Per Carat

The price of Chicken-Blood Stone can vary anywhere from $10 to $70 according to its color and quality. The largest known kind of this stone was discovered near Beijing and weighs almost 2 tonnes. 


Chicken-Blood Stone can be used to make different kinds of seals and ornamental materials.

Spiritual Properties

  • Chicken-Blood Stone helps to promote vitality and strength, protect one from deception, banish negativity, and increase mental clarity.
  • These stones can detoxify the organs, prevent eye diseases, re-energize the body after illness, ward-off infections, boost the immune system, and prevent miscarriages.
  • It also helps to dispel confusion, calm the emotional body, enhance decision-making, provide emotional support, heighten self-confidence, and understand our own needs.


Chicken-Blood Stone Teardrop Cabochon.
Chicken-Blood Stone Teardrop Cabochon.
Image Source:
  • The hardness of Chicken-Blood Stone can vary due to its changeable composition and its hardness is usually 3 according to the Mohs scale.
  • The luster of this stone is typically subadamantine to pearly.
  • The color of these stones can fade away when exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time.
  • The variable amount of cinnabar gives it a distinctive vivid red color.

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