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Chalcedony | A-Z About This Gemstone

limz Published On Tue Mar 10 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 10 2020
Chalcedony | A-Z About This Gemstone

Chalcedony is a microcrystalline type of quartz that exhibits a trigonal or monoclinic crystal system. It may be semi-transparent to translucent and occurs in a wide range of colors. The pure form of these stones are also known as Carnelian or Sard. 

Chalcedony symbolizes generosity, balance, vitality, energy, strength, kindness, peace, endurance, stamina, and harmony.

Let us learn more about Chalcedony.


Chalcedony is a natural form of Silicon Dioxide that is not scientifically its own mineral. Rather, it is a microcrystalline form of Quartz. It is the zodiac stone for the people under the Gemini zodiac sign. These stones help to balance and open up the throat chakra. It enables the wearer to get rid of negative traits, heighten self-confidence, enhance communication skills, aid with emotional balance, and alleviate self-doubt.

Origin and History

Faceted Chalcedony Necklace.
Faceted Chalcedony Necklace.
Image Source: Novica

The origin of the word "Chalcedony" is unknown and quite complicated. Many believe that it is derived from the Latin word "Chalcedonius" while others believe that it is derived from the town Chalcedon in Asia Minor. The Latin word "Chalcedonius" has appeared in Pliny the Elder's Naturalis Historia as a word for a translucent kind of Jasper. Many seals and jewelry of these stones have been found that dates back as early as 1800 BC. 

Formation Process

Most of the Chalcedony can be found in weathering volcanic and sedimentary rocks. These stones can also be found in igneous and metamorphic rocks but they are very rare. At relatively low temperatures, it forms from watery silica gel when silica is released by the weathering of rocks that are initially void of silica.


The chemical formula of Chalcedony is SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide). These stones have a hardness of 6-7 according to the Mohs scale and they have a waxy to dull luster.


  • Agate
  • Carnelian
  • Chrysoprase
  • Heliotrope
  • Moss Agate
  • Chrome Chalcedony
  • Onyx

Colors Available

Rough Blue Chalcedony.
Rough Blue Chalcedony.
Image Source: Blue Chalcedony Mine
  • Colorless
  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Multicolored Specimen

Mines Available

  • The Live Oak Pit, Gila county, Arizona, USA
  • Keystone Copper Mine, Arizona, USA
  • Thunder Bay Agate Mine, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Cost Per Carat

The price of Chalcedony can reach up to $100 according to its color, cut, and quality.


  • Chalcedony is used to make intaglios, ring bezels, and beads.
  • It is often used as a gemstone in different forms of jewelry.

Spiritual Properties

  • Chalcedony helps to provide better communication, protect against negative influences, promote brotherhood, and instill feelings of benevolence.
  • It can treat skin infections, even senility, increase lactation, build the immune system, aid ear-related problems, encourage blood clotting, and treat lungs.
  • It also helps to encourage kindness, promote harmony and joy, remove unwanted feelings, build up self-confidence, and promote peace of mind.


Natural Chalcedony Gemstone.
Natural Chalcedony Gemstone.
Image Source: Shubh Gems
  • The Jewish High Priest's Breastplate included three varieties of Chalcedony - jasper, chrysoprase, and sardonyx.
  • These stones occur in various colors and their cleavage is absent.
  • It has a white streak and an uneven, splintery, and conchoidal fracture.
  • The first recorded locality of this mineral is Kadıköy (Chalcedon), Istanbul Province, Turkey.

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