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Chabazite Mineral – Everything You need to Know

limz Published On Thu Apr 02 2020   Modified On Thu Apr 02 2020
Chabazite Mineral – Everything You need to Know

Chabazite is a colorless, pink, or yellow tectosilicate mineral that belongs to the zeolite group of minerals. It is one of the most porous natural zeolites and it exhibits a trigonal crystal system. It mostly occurs in glassy rhombohedral crystals and has a white streak.

Chabazite symbolizes tenderness, love, stability, focus, purity, innocence, and cleanliness.

Let us learn more about Chabazite.


Chabazite is one of the most common types of zeolite that consists of a hydrous silicate of calcium and aluminum. Gmelinite is one of the rarer zeolites that is very similar in structure and habit with Chabazite. It mostly forms as a pseudomorph after Chabazite.

These stones can open up and balance the third eye chakra. It helps to promote and insight, heighten consciousness, and improve one's knowledge.

Origin and History

Chabazite Crystal.
Chabazite Crystal.
Image Source: A Bijoux

The word Chabazite was derived in the early 19th century from the late Greek word "Chabazios" which was misspelled as "Chalazios" which means "Hail Stone Like". This name was given in allusion to its form and color. Fine specimens of these minerals can be found in Iceland, Northern Ireland, Bohemia, New Jersey, Arizona, and India.

Formation Process

The most common occurrence of Chabazite is in voids and amygdules in basaltic rocks. Most of these minerals form in a closed system with Mg-rich solutions by hydrothermal alteration of feldspar and volcanic glass. It can be found in association with other zeolites, quartz, heulandite, stilbite, calcite, natrolite, and apophyllite.


The chemical formula of Chabazite is (Ca, K2, Na2)2[Al2Si4O12]2·12H2O. It has a hardness of 4-5 on the Mohs scale.


Phacolite is the only variety of Chabazite.

Colors Available

Red Chabazite Mineral.
Red Chabazite Mineral.
Image Source: McDougall Minerals
  • Colorless
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Red

Mines Available

  • Radium Hill Mine, South Australia, Australia
  • Elatsite Mine, Sofia Province, Bulgaria
  • Harrison Gold Mine, British Columbia, Canada
  • Canari Mine, Corsica, France
  • BMS Mine, Arizona, USA

Cost Per Carat

The price of Chabazite can vary anywhere from $10 to $80 per carat according to its color and quality.


  • Chabazite is commonly used as a chemical filter.
  • It can also be used as a mineral specimen.

Spiritual Properties

  • Chabazite helps to bring balance in your life, release spiritual blockages, stabilize the aura, provide soothing energy, and enhance psychic abilities.
  • It can ease headaches, reduce swellings, treat goiters, remove unwanted toxins, tune the endocrine system, and aid in tissue regeneration.
  • It also helps to remove all the negative energies and thoughts, promote unconditional love, heighten consciousness, and heal emotional traumas.


Chabazite Mineral Specimen.
Image Source: McDougall Minerals
  • Chabazite exhibits a distinct/good cleavage on {1011}.
  • It is classified as a category of tectosilicate minerals.
  • It is a transparent to translucent stone with a specific gravity of 2.05 - 2.2.
  • It has an irregular/uneven fracture and a vitreous luster.

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