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Canasite - Everything You Need to Know About This Mineral

limz Published On Wed Mar 18 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 18 2020
Canasite - Everything You Need to Know About This Mineral

Canasite is a rare mineral that is composed of calcium, fluorine, hydrogen, oxygen, potassium, silicon, and sodium. These minerals can be commonly discovered as brownish-yellow to yellowish-green aggregates in Charoite. It is not widely known throughout the world.

Canasite symbolizes nature, balance, growth, fertility, prosperity, harmony, freshness, ambition, wholeness, and renewal.

Let us learn more about Canasite.


Canasite is a relatively rare mineral that exhibits a monoclinic crystal system and has a specific gravity of 2.707. It is mostly confused with stichtite, a member of the serpentine family and a carbonate of chromium and magnesium. Faceted gems of these minerals are extremely rare. 

Origin and History

Canasite is a relatively new mineral that was first discovered in 1959 and was approved by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA). It was named in allusion to its composition: CAlcium, sodium (Latin NAtrium), and SIlicon.

Formation Process

Extremely Rare Canasite Mineral.
Extremely Rare Canasite Mineral.
Image Source: Mineral Auctions

Canasite mostly colors in pegmatites in a differentiated alkalic massif and charoitic rocks. These minerals can be found in association with other minerals like - fenaksite, lamprophyllite, titanite, eudialyte, nepheline, pyroxene, orthoclase, tinaksite, miserite, and charoite.


The chemical formula of Canasite is K3Na3Ca5Si12O30(OH)4.


Canasite has no type of its own.

Colors Available

  • Brownish Yellow
  • Greenish Yellow
  • Light Green

Mines Available

  • Kirovski Mine, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
  • Aris Quarries, Khomas Region, Namibia
  • Eveslogchorr Mt, Khibiny Massif, Murmansk Oblast, Russia

Cost Per Carat

The value of Canasite can vary from $5 to $30 according to its quality.


Canasite Mineral Specimen.
Canasite Mineral Specimen.
Image Source: Dakota Matrix Minerals

The only use of Canasite is as a mineral specimen.


  • Canasite exhibits perfect cleavages in one direction and good on another.
  • It has a hardness of 5-6 according to the Mohs scale.
  • Its fracture is splintery and has a vitreous luster.
  • The type locality of this mineral is Material'naya Adit, Yukspor Mt, Khibiny Massif, Murmansk Oblast, Russia.
  • It has no pleochroism and has a brittle tenacity.

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