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Bytownite | Everything About This Mineral

limz Published On Thu Mar 05 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 05 2020
Bytownite | Everything About This Mineral

Bytownite is a calcium-rich and a rarer form of the plagioclase solid solution series of feldspar minerals that form grey to white triclinic crystals. The composition of this mineral ranges between pure albite and anorthite. 

Bytownite is a high vibrating stone that symbolizes innocence, wisdom, purity, perfection, goodness, peace, wholeness, and integrity.

Let us learn more about Bytownite.


Bytownite is a rare mineral and a variety of Anorthite that is usually bright and beautiful champagne colored. Fine yellow crystals of Bytownite can be found in Oregon and Mexico. It helps to open up and balance the base or root chakra. Balancing the root chakra will help you to reduce stress and anger, develop a deep self-trust, promote long-lasting relationships, and improve vitality.

Origin and History

Bytownite Crystal.
Bytownite Crystal.
Image Source: KSC Crystals.

Bytownite was believed to be first described in 1836 and was named after its locality and occurrence at Bytown (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada. Most of the gem-quality and fine specimens of this mineral are found in Chihuahua, Mexico and Grants District, New Mexico.

Formation Process

Bytownite is commonly associated with pyroxenes and olivine and occurs in mafic igneous rocks such as gabbros and anorthosites. It rarely occurs in metamorphic rocks and it also occurs as phenocrysts in mafic volcanic rocks.


The chemical formula of Bytownite is (Ca, Na)[Al(Al, Si)Si2O8]. It has a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale and it has a sub-vitreous luster.


Bytownite has no type of its own.

Colors Available

Mexican Bytownite Gemstone.
Mexican Bytownite Gemstone.
Image Source: Stones, Gems and Jewels
  • Colorless
  • White
  • Gray

Mines Available

  • Mine Center Area, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Shagou Mine, Henan, China
  • Sant Antoni Mine, Catalonia, Spain
  • Lucky Cuss Mine, Arizona, USA

Cost Per Carat

The price of the Bytownite is quite affordable. It can cost up to $18 per carat according to its quality.


The only use of Bytownite is as a mineral specimen.

Spiritual Properties

Bytownite Pendant.
Bytownite Pendant.
Image Source: Roughly Gems Ltd.
  • Bytownite helps to strengthen your creative gifts, promote inner strength and vitality, improve the qualities of assertiveness, and encourage a positive attitude.
  • It can aid in detoxifying the organs, aid kidneys, gallbladder, and spleen problems, treat urinary system problems and balance the digestive system.
  • It also helps to balance your energy, promote one’s spiritual abilities, encourage self-confidence, heighten wisdom, and bring clarity of mind.


  • Bytownite contains 70%-90% Calcium and 3%-10% sodium.
  • It has an Anorthite content of 70-90%.
  • Its cleavage is perfect on [001], good on [010], and imperfect on [110].
  • It has a brittle tenacity and a white streak.

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