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Brucite | A-Z About This Mineral You Need to Know

limz Published On Mon Mar 02 2020   Modified On Mon Mar 02 2020
Brucite | A-Z About This Mineral You Need to Know

Brucite is the mineral form of magnesium hydroxide that is often found as a part of the structure of other minerals. It is a rough yet fragile mineral that can be translucent with a pearly luster depending on the color.

Brucite symbolizes truth, comfort, stability, peace, confidence, positivity, hope, happiness, clarity, and optimism.

Let us learn more about Brucite.


Brucite is a white, grey, or greenish mineral that typically occurs in the form of tabular crystals. It can be often found with other minerals like - calcite, talc, magnesium serpentine, chiastolite, and talc. It is believed to open up and balance the solar plexus and throat chakra. It enables the wearer to express themselves freely, promote the power of communication, repel unwanted energies, and improve decision-making ability.

Origin and History

Brucite Pendants.
Brucite Pendants.
Image Source: Sage Goddess

Brucite was discovered and named in 1724 by François Sulpice Beudant, a French mineralogist and geologist, in the honor of an American physician and mineralogist, Archibald Bruce. Some of the places where fine specimens of these minerals are found are - South Africa, Italy, Russia, and Canada.

Formation Process

Brucite is formed during the serpentinization process of dunites (a type of igneous rock with a coarse-grained or phaneritic texture). It is a common alteration product of a low-temperature hydrothermal vein mineral in metamorphosed limestones and chlorite schists.


The chemical formula of Brucite is Mg(OH)2 (Magnesium Hydroxide). These stones have a hardness of 2.5-3 according to the Mohs scale and they have a vitreous to pearly luster.


  • Manganbrucite
  • Manganoan Brucite
  • Nemalite

Colors Available

Lemon-Yellow Brucite Crystal.
Lemon-Yellow Brucite Crystal.
Image Source: Treasure Mountain Mining
  • White
  • Pale Green
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Honey-Yellow
  • Brownish Red

Mines Available

  • Woodsreef Mine, New South Wales, Australia
  • Bag Mag Mine, British Columbia, Canada
  • Legendre Mine, Ontario, Canada
  • Tsumeb Mine, Oshikoto Region, Namibia

Cost Per Carat

The price of Brucite can vary anywhere from $5 to $50 according to its quality.


  • Brucite is often used as a minor ore of magnesium metal and a source of magnesia.
  • It is also used as a refractory additive.

Spiritual Properties

  • Brucite helps to enhance your thinking, make the correct decision, improve communication ability, speak the truth without fear, and encourage impartiality.
  • It can control body temperatures, diminish furred arteries, aid intestinal problems, reduce joint pain, enhance suppleness, and aid bruising.
  • It also helps to control anger, reduce fear, calm the mind, promote joy and happiness, improve your overall mood, and stimulate self-esteem.


Yellow Trillion Cut Brucite Gemstone.
Yellow Trillion Cut Brucite Gemstone.
Image Source: Gemological Collections
  • Brucite has a trigonal crystal system and a white streak.
  • These stones are pyroelectric and they have a specific gravity of 2.39 to 2.40.
  • The cleavage of Brucite is perfect on {0001} and it has a sectile tenacity.
  • The fibrous variety of Brucite is known as Nemalite.

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