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Brookite | Everything You Need to Know

limz Published On Sun Mar 01 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 01 2020
Brookite | Everything You Need to Know

Brookite is the orthorhombic variant of titanium dioxide that usually occurs in a very dark color. It is a polymorph with two other minerals - Rutile and Anatase. These three minerals have the same chemistry but a different structure. Among these minerals, it is the most popular and well-known. 

Brookite symbolizes stability, reliability, wholesomeness, warmth, honesty, life, growth, elegance, security, grounding, and strength.

Let us learn more about Brookite.


Brookite is composed of titanium dioxide that is usually translucent brown or opaque brown to black. It can be found only in some places like - England, the USA, Russia, France, Switzerland, and Italy. These stones help to open up and balance the third-eye and crown chakra. It enables the wearer to connect them to mother Earth, create space for newer positive energies, promote intuition and foresight, achieve a higher state of consciousness, and improve wisdom.

Origin and History

Amazing Brookite And Quartz.
Amazing Brookite And Quartz.
Image Source: Pinterest

Brookite was named in 1825 by Armand Lévy, a French mathematician, and mineralogist. This name was given in the honor of Henry James Brooke, an English crystallographer, mineralogist, and wool trader. He discovered several new species of mineral. Most of the high-quality Brookite mineral can be found in Arkansas, USA, and Eastern Siberia, Russia.

Formation Process

Brookite usually forms together with Quartz and it can be commonly found in detrital mineral. Minor amounts of these minerals are present in alpine veins in gneiss and schist and it occurs in many natural polymorphic forms.


The chemical formula of Brookite is TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide). These stones have a hardness of 5.5-6 according to the Mohs scale and they have a sub-metallic luster.


Arkansite is the only mineral variety of Brookite.

Colors Available

Deep-Red Brookite Crystal On Quartz.
Deep-Red Brookite Crystal On Quartz.
Image Source: Catwiki
  • Deep Red
  • Reddish Brown
  • Yellowish Brown
  • Brown
  • Black

Mines Available

  • Harrison Gold Mine, British Columbia, Canada
  • Broughton Talc Mine, Quebec, Canada
  • San Samuel Mine, Atacama, Chile
  • Climax Open Pit Mine, Colorado, USA

Cost Per Carat

The price of Brookite is quite affordable. It can vary anywhere from $4 to $40 per carat according to its color and quality.


  • Brookites are most commonly used as a minor ore of titanium.
  • It is also used as a mineral specimen.

Spiritual Properties

Brookite Jewelry In Quartz.
Brookite Jewelry In Quartz.
Image Source: Stones Desire
  • Brookite helps to release any kind of negative energies, promote motivation, increase your vitality, encourage inspiration, and stimulate creativity.
  • It can balance the circulatory system, reduce high blood pressure, detoxify the blood, increase fertility, and aid ailments.
  • It also helps to encourage unconditional love, promote friendship, restore harmony in one's life, purify the heart, and promote serenity of mind.


  • Along with Anatase and Rutile, Brookite is one of the three naturally occurring crystallographic forms of titanium dioxide.
  • It has slight tabular spikes which provide it a rugged shape.
  • In thin fragments, these crystals are opaque to translucent.
  • The pleochroism of Brookite is very weak and it has a subconchoidal to irregular fracture.

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