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Know The Meaning of Blue Topaz With Its Types – Benefits and Uses Too

zina Published On Sun Dec 01 2019   Modified On Sun Dec 01 2019
Know The Meaning of Blue Topaz With Its Types – Benefits and Uses Too

The name 'Topaz' is said to be derived from the Sanskrit word 'tapas' which means fire. Among all the variants of topaz colors, blue is the most common and widely used. The attractive, affordable, and widely obtainable Blue Topaz has been a favorite of designers and jewelry's customers for years.

The color blue had been known as the color of calm and peace. People have been using this gemstone for positive energy and emotional and spiritual benefits. Due to its attractive color blue, it is very popular among celebrities that wear it in their dresses and ornaments. 

Types of Blue Topaz

There are different shades of the Blue Topaz that are popular among people. All shades come in different shapes and size which creates many options to choose from for any gemstones lovers. The following are the different shades of the blue topaz:

Sky Blue

It has a gentle sky blue color. This stone is the most bought and owned compared to other shades of blue.

Sky Blue Topaz
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  • Swiss Blue: It is a cool blue color that has a lighter tone than the London blue topaz. It is slightly darker than the sky blue topaz and is the most expensive among all the shades.
Swiss Blue Topaz
Image Source: NW Gems & Diamonds
  • London Blue: It is deep, grayish sky blue which is sometimes referred to as steely or inky. The shade is darker than both sky blue and Swiss blue with some greenish component in it.
London Blue topaz
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This stone are found in various countries like Brazil, Sri Lanka, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Japan, China. 

Uses and Benefits

This Blue Topaz is used most commonly in jewelry as they are beautiful and lovely to look at. It can be used in rings, necklaces, pendants, and many other ornaments. This stone is a birthstone of December and is greatly recommended to couples who are celebrating their 4th anniversary. 

This stone is known as the crystal of joy, good health, relaxation, self-control, and many more. It is a perfect healing crystal that anyone can wear as jewelry.

This gemstone is mostly benefited for people that want to express themselves more clearly or for people who are weak in articulating their thoughts and feelings.

It improves communication, concentration, and keep anyone who wears it calm and peaceful. Its physical benefits are: it helps in digestion and eating disorders like anorexia. It also balanced the thyroid gland and keep mental stability. 


The ancient Greeks had a great belief in the topaz. They used to believe that anyone who wears it can become invisible at the time of emergency. It was also believed that the stone can uncover if there is poison on the food by changing the color. 

In Hindu mythology, it is believed that this stone helps to alleviate thirst, pain, increase intelligence and lengthen one's life.

How is Blue Topaz Created?

Blue Topaz can be found in nature itself but is very rare and cannot be found easily. Therefore, most of the colored topaz is created by treating colorless topaz. It is created by the exposure to the radiation in the nuclear reactor that is followed by 200 C of heat treatment for many hours.

The sky blue color is created by electrons whereas the darker shades like London and Swiss blue are created by neutrons.

Is Treated Blue Topaz Safe for Use?

Not all the treated topaz are safe for the use as it is treated with radiation. This is the top concern of any buyer, therefore, it is compulsory to have a license of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for any companies in the USA that treat gemstones with radiation. 

The irradiated gemstones should be stored in secure storage which should be monitored until the radiation lessens. Once it is ready, it becomes safe to use in jewelry. 

Caring the Stone

Although the Blue Topaz is a hard stone, it can still break with a single blow just like diamonds. Therefore, avoid hard knocks and handle it with care. Clean it with mild soapy water and never use ultrasonic cleaner and steamer to clean the stone. 

Avoid exposing it to the sun or any other kind of extreme heat and acids for a long time as the color will start to fade away.

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