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Bismutotantalite | A-Z About This Mineral

limz Published On Sun Mar 08 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 08 2020
Bismutotantalite | A-Z About This Mineral

Bismutotantalite is a mineral that contains an oxide of bismuth and tantalum commonly with some columbium. It exhibits an orthorhombic crystal system and has a specific gravity of 8.15 - 8.89. 

Even in very complete collections, Bismutotantalite is rarely cut as a gem. It symbolizes strength, mystery, authority, elegance, formality, power, sophistication, and passion.

Let us learn more about Bismutotantalite.


Bismutotantalite is an extremely rare mineral that consists of bismuth, niobium, oxygen, and tantalum. It is believed to be associated with the heart chakra and helps to balance and open up this chakra. It helps the wearer to reduce mental difficulties, promote unconditional love throughout life, encourage affection, and reduce anger.

Origin and History

Bismutotantalite From Gamba Hill.
Bismutotantalite From Gamba Hill.
Image Source: John Betts - Fine Minerals

The name Bismutotantalite is given due to its allusion to the composition, containing bismuth and its relationship to tantalite. As it is a new mineral from Uganda, it is not widely known throughout the world. The type locality of this mineral is Gamba Hill, Busiro Co. (Bushiro Co.), Wakiso District, Central Region, Uganda. Although it has an attractive color, it is rarely used as a gem.


In Uganda and Mozambique, Bismutotantalite occurs in granite pegmatite and in Acari, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it occurs as stream-rounded pebbles. 


The chemical formula of Bismutotantalite is Bi(Ta, Nb)O4.


Bismutotantalite has no type of its own.

Colors Available

  • Light brown to pitch-black
  • Light smoke-grey to colorless in transmitted light

Mines Available

  • La Elvirita mine, Salta Province, Argentina
  • Barbara Gold Mine, Western Australia, Australia
  • Lipovka Mine, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
  • Tourmaline King Mine, California, USA
  • Harding Mine, New Mexico, USA

Cost Per Carat

The cost of Bismutotantalite can vary from $15 to $55 according to its quality and size.


Bismutotantalite Crystal.
Bismutotantalite Crystal.
Image Source: RRuff

Bismutotantalite is only used as a mineral specimen.


  • The cleavage of Bismutotantalite is good on {010} and distinct on {101} and {100}.
  • It has a hardness of 5-5.5 according to the Mohs scale and a sub-metallic luster.
  • The fracture of this mineral is sub-conchoidal and belongs to a member of the Cervantite Group.
  • Its color is light smoke-grey to colorless in transmitted light.

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