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Beryllonite | All About This Mineral

limz Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 04 2020
Beryllonite | All About This Mineral

Beryllonite is a rare sodium and beryllium phosphate mineral that exhibits perfect cleavage in one direction. It can be found in association with the minerals phenakite and beryl. It is an extremely fragile stone and is mostly faceted for collectors.

Beryllonite symbolizes positivity, joy, tranquility, hope, compassion, peace, confidence, and strength.

Let us learn more about Beryllonite.


Beryllonite is a rare mineral that usually occurs in colorless or light-yellow crystals and are found at only a few places in the world. It has a low refractive index and because of this, it is rarely cut as a gemstone. It helps to open up and balance the third-eye and crown chakra. Balancing both of these chakras will help you to connect one to the mother Earth, increase foresight, balance mood swings, and enhance your perception.

Origin and History

Beryllonite Cabochons.
Beryllonite Cabochons.
Image Source: Gem Rock Auctions

In 1888, Beryllonite was first discovered by James Dwight Dana, an American geologist, mineralogist, volcanologist, and zoologist. It was then named by Edward Salisbury Dana, an American mineralogist, and physicist, in allusion to its composition, containing beryllium. Most of the fine specimens of these minerals can be found in McKean Mt., Stoneham, Maine. 

Formation Process

Berullonite mainly occurs as a secondary beryllium mineral in granitic and alkalic pegmatites. It can often be found in association with other minerals like - quartz, albite, herderite, triplite, beryl, apatite, cassiterite, and columbite.


The chemical formula of Beryllonite is NaBePO4. It has a hardness of 5.5-6 and a vitreous to adamantine luster.


Beryllonite has no type of its own.

Colors Available

Translucent Beryllonite Crystal.
Translucent Beryllonite Crystal.
Image Source: Treasure Mountain Mining
  • Colorless
  • White to Pale-Yellow

Mines Available

  • Hartford Mine, New Hampshire, USA
  • Almerindo Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Breia Mine, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • Lord Hill Mine, Maine, USA

Cost Per Carat

The price of Beryllonite can vary from $10 to $50 according to its color and quality.


  • Beryllonite is mostly used as a collector's gemstone.
  • It is also used as a mineral specimen.

Spiritual Properties

  • Beryllonite helps to overcome anxiety, release dark emotions, let go of any kind of fear, aid spiritual awakening, and liven the physical body.
  • It can reduce blood pressure, stimulate the circulatory system, increase the blood flow, aid any kind of ailments, and improve the nervous system.
  • It also helps to bring inner peace, combat fatigue, create harmony, strengthen intuition, combat materialism, amplify desires, and attract abundance.


Beryllonite Gemstone.
Beryllonite Gemstone.
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Beryllonite has a monoclinic crystal system and a conchoidal fracture.
  • It has a perfect cleavage on {010}, good but interrupted on {100}, and poor on {101}.
  • The specific gravity of Beryllonite is 2.8 and it has a brittle tenacity.

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