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Beryl - Know All About This Gemstone

limz Published On Sun Feb 16 2020   Modified On Sun Feb 16 2020
Beryl - Know All About This Gemstone

Beryl is a naturally occurring silicate mineral composed of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate. These stones are confused with almost all other yellow and greenish-yellow gems as it looks the same. It can be found in small to very large sizes of crystals. 

Beryl symbolizes energy, safety, freshness, harmony, peace, prosperity, fertility, and growth.

Let us learn more about Beryl.


Beryl is a transparent pale green, blue, or yellow mineral that can be opaque to translucent with a white streak and brittle tenacity. These stones are great for the people with the zodiac sign of Scorpio. It is associated with the throat, crown, and solar plexus chakras. It balances and opens up all these three chakras. It will help to strengthen beliefs, deal with stress and anxiety, remove unwanted emotional baggage, heighten courage, promote inner strength, and calm your mind.

Origin and History

Natural Green Beryl Gemstone.
Natural Green Beryl Gemstone.
Image Source: Gem Rock Auctions

Beryl is derived from the Latin word "Beryllus" which means "Jewel of the Sea". In the 13th century, Beryl was used in making lenses of eyeglasses in Italy. In 1798, the element beryllium was recognized as a component of Beryl by a French Scientist, Nicholas Louis Vauquelin. In ancient Mesopotamia, these stones were regarded as a highly valuable stone with many healing and spiritual properties. It was believed that these stones will strengthen the belief in God.

Formation Process

Beryls can be commonly found in granitic pegmatites, mica schists in the Ural mountain, and the veins and cavities of limestones. Most of the red Beryls come from a pneumatolytic phase along with fractures or within near-surface miarolitic cavities of the rhyolite. It is formed by crystallizing under low pressure and high temperature.


The chemical formula of Beryl is Be3Al2Si6O18. These stones have a hardness of 7.5-8 according to the Mohs scale and they have a vitreous to resinous luster.


  • Aquamarine
  • Bixbite
  • Emerald
  • Goshenite
  • Heliodor
  • Morganite

Colors Available

Different Colors of Beryl.
Different Colors of Beryl.
Image Source: LondonDE
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Colorless
  • Pink
  • White

Mines Available

  • Oceanview Mine, California, USA
  • Stewart Mine, California, USA
  • Beryl Pit, Ontario, Canada
  • Williamson's Beryl Mine, Western Australia, Australia

Cost Per Carat

The price of Beryl can vary from $10 to $100 according to its cut, color, and quality. The top-quality natural red Beryl can cost up to $10000 per carat.


  • One of the most important uses of Beryl is as a gemstone in various forms of jewelry.
  • It can be used for beryllium–copper alloys in electronics.
  • It is also used in aerospace, defense and science applications due to its extreme lightness.

Spiritual Properties

  • Beryl helps to develop scrying skills and insight, let go of past, find the answers that you seek, overcome anxieties, maintain youthfulness, cure laziness, and promote sincerity.
  • These stones cure eye injuries, disorder of the heart and spine, increase blood flow, boost the immune system, treat disorders in the pancreas, treat epilepsy, and resist addiction.
  • It also helps to protect travelers, promote martial love, detach unnecessary thoughts from the mind, promote inner peace, heighten self-love, and motivate you in times of need.


Beautiful Beryl Jewelry Set.
Beautiful Beryl Jewelry Set.
Image Source: Livemaster
  • Several varieties of Beryls are valued as a gemstone.
  • It is one of the main sources of the lightweight metal beryllium that consists of 12–13.5% beryllium oxide.
  • The world's largest known mineral is of beryl from Malakialina, Madagascar, which weighs 380,000 kilograms.
  • Brazil and the US are the major countries that produce Beryl.
  • One of the most famous members of the Beryl family is Emerald.

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