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Why You Should have Turquoise at Home?

zina Published On Mon Dec 02 2019   Modified On Mon Dec 02 2019
Why You Should have Turquoise at Home?

Turquoise Gemstone is a powerful metaphysical property that has been in used for thousands of years. It is blue-green in color which is the birthstone of December as well as the stone of the 11th anniversary. 

Many used it in jewelry as a fashion and others use it because of its healing properties that benefit their body and soul. This stone is the stone of happiness that will clear its wearer mind and brings joy.

Reasons to have Turquoise at Home 

Keeping turquoise stone with you or at your home can be of great benefit. It will cleanse the energy around you and your house and leave only good vibes and positive energy. It will fill your home with health, wealth and energy that is good for your family too.

Physical Healing

Turquoise has the healing properties that can benefit the whole body and helps you to be happy. This stone releases healing power that alleviates the infections and diseases in the body. This stone is best known to treat asthma, high blood pressure, allergies, and other infection.  

The stone should touch the skin or should be close to the skin for your body to exert its power.

Mental and Emotional Healing 

Turquoise crystal is known to be a great help for people facing depression, anxiety, stress, and many other mental and emotional problems. It helps to avoid negativity and brings positivity while filling the wearer empathy, creativity, intuition, happiness, and positive thinking.


Turquoise is known for its symbol of friendship which will help in the relationship with your friends and partners. It will help you to open up more and release the hidden feeling if you have for someone. It will also give you the power to overcome rejection and handle heartbreak more positively.


This stone is a versatile stone that not only benefits you physically and mentally but also will help you make fortune! Its metaphysical properties are highly related to wealth and finance because having a clear mind and a healthy body is equally important for earning. 

Ganesh Statue Embedded with Turquoise Stone.
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Chakras Healing and Balance Life 

Turquoise strengthens the high points of heart, throat and third-eye chakras. It allows its wearer to interacts between the inner-world as well as the other-worldly worlds. It helps to increase your psychic ability if you can master the uses of this stone. 

Brings Good Luck 

Known to bring good luck in your life, Turquoise can be worn as a necklace, ring, bracelet, and earrings. This way you will be carrying the luck of Turquoise with you wherever you go. It will protect you from negativity and bring positivity and good-luck in your life.  

Protects from bad and evil 

These gem will protect your house and your family from bad or evil eyes and send that energy to that person himself. There might be dark thoughts from people around you, you can have a foul neighbor, violence, and other bad things. So, the turquoise stone will protect your house from all the bad things coming towards your family or at least alleviates it. 

Turquoise Cross.
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Facts About Turquoise Stone 

  • Turquoise gemstone has been esteemed as a holy stone that brings joy, good fortune or talisman for thousands of years.
  • Turquoise is not only on the birthstone of December but also the gemstone for the 11th anniversary.
  • While many think that the Turquoise is named after the color, which is not the case. The name comes from the French word for Turkey from where the minerals where originated.
  • The ancient Persian Empire wore Turquoise around the neck or wrist in a belief that it protects from an unnatural death.

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