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Axinite | Everything You Need to Know About This Mineral

limz Published On Mon Feb 24 2020   Modified On Mon Feb 24 2020
Axinite | Everything You Need to Know About This Mineral

Axinite is a quite popular gemstone that is composed of calcium manganese iron magnesium aluminum borosilicate hydroxide. This mineral has an unusual and unique trait called pleochroism which helps it to absorb various wavelengths of light. 

Axinite is a strong grounding stone that symbolizes strength, endurance, hope, luck, determination, honesty, and loyalty.

Let us learn more about Axinite.


Axinite is a complex borosilicate mineral that is mostly found in metamorphic rocks and pegmatites. The structure of the other axinite group of minerals is the same and the only thing that differs is their chemical composition. Axinite is regarded to be highly associated with the root and third-eye chakra. It balances and opens up both of these chakras. It will help to ground yourself, bring stability in your life, promote security, promote intuition and foresight, govern survival, and heighten wisdom.

Origin and History

Axinite Gemstone.
Axinite Gemstone.
Image Source: International Gem Society

Axinite is a pleochroic stone of which name is derived from the Greek word "Axina" which means "Axe". This name was given by Rene Just Haüy, a French priest and mineralogist, in 1797 in allusion to its sharp-edge crystals. It was renamed by Ferro-Axinite by Waldemar T. Schaller in 1909 in allusion to its iron dominance in the formula.

Formation Process

Axinite is a brittle and rough crystal that is found in cavities in granite rocks. It is also found in calcareous rocks that have undergone contact metamorphism and metasomatism. It most commonly occurs in contact metamorphic rocks and mafic igneous rocks.


The chemical formula of Axinite is (Ca, Fe, Mn)3Al2BO3Si4O12OH or Ca2(Fe, Mn)Al2BSi4O15(OH). It has a hardness of 6-7.5 on the Mohs scale and a vitreous luster.


  • Iron-rich Ferro-Axinite, Axinite-(Fe)
  • Magnesium-rich Magnesio-Axinite, Axinite-(Mg)
  • Manganese rich Manganaxinite, Axinite-(Mn)
  • Iron-Manganese intermediate Tinzenite

Colors Available

Brown Axinite Crystal.
Brown Axinite Crystal.
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Brown
  • Clove-Brown
  • Plum Blue
  • Purple
  • Pearl Grey

Mines Available

  • Mary Kathleen Mine, Queensland, Australia
  • Viking Mine, Tasmania, Australia
  • Silver Miller Mine, Ontario, Canada
  • Nababeep West Mine, Northern Cape, South Africa

Cost Per Carat

The price of Axinite can vary anywhere from $15 to $100 according to its cut, color, and quality.


  • Axinite is used as a mineral specimen.
  • It can also be used as a gemstone in various forms of jewelry.

Spiritual Properties

  • Axinite helps to gain access to the spiritual world, develop inner consciousness, promote lucid dreams, improve angelic communication, and facilitate psychic abilities.
  • These crystals can align the spinal cord, treat muscular problems, aid fractures, increase one's physical vitality, promote physical endurance, and detoxify the blood.
  • It can also help to rekindle the feelings of love and joy, promote long-lasting relationships, increase one's mental process, stabilize friendship, and cleanse the aura.


Beautiful Axinite Necklace.
Beautiful Axinite Necklace.
Image Source: Etsy
  • Axinite can absorb various wavelengths of light.
  • It is a pyroelectric and piezoelectric substance.
  • These crystals can be transparent to translucent and as biaxial optical properties.
  • It has a specific gravity of 3.18-3.37 and it is arranged in a triclinic crystal system

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