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Augelite | Know All About This Mineral

limz Published On Mon Feb 24 2020   Modified On Mon Feb 24 2020
Augelite | Know All About This Mineral

Augelite is an extremely rare aluminum phosphate mineral that has a monoclinic crystal system. It is found at a very few localities in the world. When it is found as clear and colorless tiny crystals, it is hard to recognize.

Augelite symbolizes peace, growth, vitality, livelihood, happiness, positivity, clarity, loyalty, joy, and remembrance.

Let us learn more about Augelite.


Augelite is a rare mineral that is a composition of Aluminum Phosphate Hydroxide. Augelite is believed to be associated with the crown and third-eye chakra. These stones will help in opening up and balancing both chakras. It helps the wearer to get rid of emotional securities, dispel negative energies, stabilize the mind, stimulate the energy, and give access to higher states of consciousness.

Origin and History

Rough Augelite Crystal.
Rough Augelite Crystal.
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In 1868, Augelite was first recognized as a mineral species. After its discovery, Christian Wilhelm Blomstrand, a Swedish chemist, and mineralogist gave it the name "Augelite". It was derived from the Greek word "Auge" which means "Shine". This name was given in allusion to the pearly luster on its cleavage surfaces. The localities for these stones are Sweden, Uganda, Rwanda, the US, Australia, Canada, and Bolivia.

Formation Process

Augelite forms and occurs commonly as a result of hydrogen metamorphism of phosphate rocks in peraluminous sediment and high-temperature hydrothermal ores deposits. 


The chemical formula of Augelite is Al2(PO4)(OH)3. These stones have a hardness of 4-4.5 on the Mohs scale and they have a vitreous to pearly luster.


Augelite has no type of its own.

Cost Per Carat

The price of Augelite can be determined by its color, size, and quality and its value can vary from $10 to $110 per carat.


  • The common use of Augelite is as a mineral specimen.
  • Scientists also use it for research purposes.

Spiritual Properties

Augelite Crystal.
Augelite Crystal.
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  • Augelite helps to balance the mood swings, promote empowerment, inspire psychic protection, heal spiritually, ground yourself, and heighten self-confidence.
  • These stones can detoxify the body, aid blood, heart, and lungs related diseases, purify the blood, stimulate the metabolism, regenerate DNA, and fortify the kidney.
  • It also helps to inspire love and devotion, provide space for self-care, energize the body physically, reduce stress and anxiety, cleanse the aura, and foster self-respect.


  • Augelite is an extremely rare mineral with a specific gravity of 2.696.
  • It has a brittle tenacity and a white streak.
  • The cleavage of Augelite is good in two directions and its fracture is conchoidal.

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