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zina Published On Wed Jan 08 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 08 2020

Aquamarine has been around for thousands of years and its blue color has been symbolized as purity and health from ancient times. This clear and beautiful gemstone is a common stone that is popular due to its soothing and calming color which suits in every style.

In this article, I'll try to cover all the information about Aquamarine gemstone that you need to know.


Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words aqua marinus which meaning is 'water' for 'aqua' and 'of the sea' for 'marinus'. 

Aquamarine has been appreciated for its beauty and clarity for thousands of years. Legends have it that this gemstone is the treasure of mermaid which protects the sailors and heals the sick one by purifying the water. 

Why is Aquamarine Birthstone for March?

The ancient Romans believed that this gem was sacred to Neptune, the god of the sea. Since Aquamarine also means water of the sea and Neptune is the ruling planet of people born in March, it becomes the birthstone for March.

Aquamarine Gemstone.
Aquamarine Gemstone.
Image Source: Quora

Origin and History

The origin of the name Aquamarine was in the early 1700s which comes from the phrase "water of the sea". This blue gem is also once known as the sailor's stone because of their belief that it would protect them from all the obstacles they might face on their voyage.

In the 20th century, during World War II, the US Navy created a patrol yacht in an honor of the Aquamarine gemstone. 

Formation Process

When the magma flows below forming a high pressure against other rocks of the mountain range called pegmatites, they heat up and forms the gemstones. As the rocks cool down, the magma fluid gets trapped into the cavities of mineral-saturated fluid which gets heated at 1,112F. 

The dimension of the Aquamarine crystal is determined by the speed rate it takes to down the crystal. low the cooling process. The slower the cooling process is, the bigger the crystal is.


The chemical formula of Aquamarine is Be3Al2Si6O18. It is a mineral composition of Beryllium, Aluminum Silicate. The hardness of this gem is 7.5 to 8 Mohs and its specific gravity is 2.72. 

Types of Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstone is a single-type gemstone which other types has not yet been discovered. 

Colors Available

Aquamarine is mostly confused with the light blue Topaz gemstone due to their similar color. The darker the color, the more valuable it is the aquamarine. It can be found in the following shades of blue.

Aquamarine Shades of Blue.
Aquamarine Shades of Blue.
Image Source:
  • Greenish-blue
  • Light-blue
  • Dark-blue

Mines Available

Aquamarine can be widely found in Brazil and some in the other part of the world. Here are the mines and the places that this gemstone is mined.


  • Minas Gerais
  • Espírito Santo
  • Bahia
  • Rio Grande do Norte

Other places

  • Central Madagascar
  • Sawatch Rang, Colorado
  • Kenya
  • Angola
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan

Cost per Carat

A good quality of Aquamarine which is under 5 carats can be found at the cost between $100 to $250. 

The largest Aquamarine gemstone ever mined was over 243 lbs (110kg) in 1910 found in Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Aquamarine can be used in any form of jewelry like necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet, pendants, and so on.

Aquamarine Jewelry.
Aquamarine Jewelry.
Image Source: Jared

Spiritual Properties

  • Aquamarine is a stone of purity, so it is believed to cleanse all the negativity and makes its wearer calm and stress-free.
  • This gems promotes communication and encourage truth compassionate communication.


  • Like many gemstones in the market, Aquamarine is heat-treated. However, its color is not affected by heat like topaz which becomes darker when treated, Aquamarine remains the same while only removing any green undertone.

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