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10 Facts About April Birthstone Diamond That You Want to Know

limz Published On Fri Dec 06 2019   Modified On Fri Dec 06 2019
10 Facts About April Birthstone Diamond That You Want to Know

Diamonds also are known as the hardest natural substance in the world is the birthstone for the people born in April. The derivation of the word diamond is from the Greek word "Adamas" which means "that cannot be destroyed". 

It is one of the most renowned gemstone in the world. It comes in different colours like yellow, brown, blue, steel-grey, white, red, orange, pink to purple and black.

History of Diamond

The first Diamonds were produced in the early 4th century BC in India. During ancient times, it was famous for its hardness and glow. First, it was produced only in India and slowly after that, people started discovering that it can be produced in other countries as well as South America, Africa, Brazil, and many other countries.


Diamonds were formed 3 billion years ago. They are deeply rooted in the Earth's crust and are found at a depth of 150-200 km below the Earth's surface. At this much depth, the heat and pressure is so strong that it causes carbon atoms to become definite (crystallized) forming Diamonds.

Uses of Diamond

Mostly, Diamonds are used to make ornaments and jewellery. It is also used to cut glass and many other things. We can polish other gemstones with the help of the dust of the Diamonds.

Hardest Natural Stone

When you go to buy a Diamond from a jewelry shop,  they will tell you it is the hardest substance on the earth. Well, the truth is, it is the hardest natural mineral on earth but not the hardest substance.

There are two other substances that the scientist have discovered as hardest materials on earth: Wurtzite boron nitride and lonsdaleite. The Wurtzite boron nitride is 18% harder than diamond whereas lonsdaleite is 58% harder.

Coal does not Help in the Formation of Diamonds

Diamond's carbon is pure which helps them to crystallize. However, coal's carbon is formed by different kinds of substances which makes them impure. Since we were a child, we have all heard that diamonds are made from coal but the above fact tells us the truth that coal does not play any role in the formation of diamonds.

Marketing Strategy

Diamonds have been traditionally used as a wedding ring. However, there is a misconception about this stone as an engagement ring. It is said that the diamond engagement ring is an ancient tradition but the truth is that the tradition was started only a century ago. 

When the demand for diamonds began to decline in the 1930s, the diamond cartel 'De Beer' began a campaign where they introduce the slogan, 'Diamonds are forever'. Soon they began to persuade the customer that diamonds are the only acceptable stone in the engagement ring. It was only part of a marketing strategy but soon it became a part of weddings.

Healing Properties

Because wearing Diamonds enlarge the thoughts of a wearer, they should not have negative thoughts while wearing Diamonds jewellery as it will stop the flow of energy from our body. There is a belief that Diamonds helps to heal us physically and mentally. It also provides strength and gives us the power of bearing pain.

Cullinan Diamond

Cullinan is one of the largest diamond ever found on Earth. It was discovered in 1905 in Africa weighing 3106.75 carats. It was named after Thomas Cullinan who was the chairman of that mine. Later, Joseph Asscher who was the head of the Asscher Diamond Company of Amsterdam cut the diamond into 100 small and nine large stones.

A Picture of Cullinan Diamond.
A Picture of Cullinan Diamond.
Image Source: Wikipedia

BPM 37093(Lucy)

Diamonds are not only found on Earth but in the galaxy also. Lucy is the largest Diamond of all which is found in the galaxy. Scientists discovered this star in 2004. It weighs 5 million trillion trillion pounds. Its official name is BPM 37093 and the nickname Lucy was named after the famous Beatles song, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

A Picture of BPM 37093(Lucy)
Image Source: DocumentaryTube

Space Diamonds

Many scientists believe that it may be the first minerals to be formed. As we all know, this stone is very rare and hard to be found on Earth. But, things are different in the space. It is common and easy to find in space. There are also stars of Diamonds which are as big as the sun or other planets.

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