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Apatite | Everything You Need to Know About This Mineral

limz Published On Wed Feb 12 2020   Modified On Wed Feb 12 2020
Apatite | Everything You Need to Know About This Mineral

Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals that consists of calcium phosphate with some fluorine, chlorine, and other elements. These stones are an important constituent of phosphorite that are found in igneous rocks and metamorphosed limestones.

Apatite is associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini and it symbolizes strength, clarity, knowledge, passion, and creativity.

Let us learn more about Apatite.


Apatite is a pale green to a purple mineral that has a hexagonal crystal system. These stones are commonly found throughout the world and occur in almost all stones. They are mostly associated with the solar plexus, throat, and third-eye chakra. It helps to balance and awaken all these three chakras. 

Enabling the chakras will help the wearer to enhance psychic abilities, express self more properly, achieve homeostasis, encourage compassion, and handle things efficiently.

Origin and History

Raw Blue Apatite Crystals.
Raw Blue Apatite Crystals.
Image Source: The Crystal Grid

Apatite is named after the Greek word "apate" which means "deceit".  This name was given in 1786 by Abraham Gottlob Werner, a German Geologist, in the allusion that it is easily mistaken with other minerals. These stones are found in Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, USA, and Norway. Most of the transparent and quality Apatites are cut into cabochons.

Formation Process

Apatite can be present in almost any kind of rocks and they commonly form in bands of sedimentary rocks. Well-formed hexagonal Apatite crystals occur in hydrothermal veins and pegmatite pockets. It also occurs as detrital grains in sedimentary rocks and phosphate beds.


The chemical formula of Apatite is Ca5(PO4)3(F, Cl, OH). These stones have a hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale and they have a vitreous to subresinous luster.


  • Chlorapatite
  • Fluorapatite
  • Moroxite
  • Vanadinite
  • Wilkeite

Colors Available

Apatite of Different Colors and Shapes.
Apatite of Different Colors and Shapes.
Image Source: International Gem Society
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Violet
  • Pink
  • colorless

Mines Available

  • Mount Bonnie Mine, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Turner's Island Mine, Ontario, Canada
  • Kabwe Mine, Central Province, Zambia
  • Silver Valley mine, North Carolina, USA
  • Kirovskii Apatite Mine, Murmansk Oblast, Russia

Cost Per Carat

The price of Apatite can vary from $10 to $100 per carat according to its color, cut, and quality.


  • As Apatite is a source of phosphorous, it is primarily used in the manufacture of fertilizer.
  • These stones are also used as a gemstone in jewelry like - necklace, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Spiritual Properties

  • Apatite helps to develop psychic gifts, awaken the sense of clarity, bring empathy in your life, know about the true-self, promote a humanitarian attitude, and increase motivation.
  • These stones also help to clear confusion, reduce emotional exhaustion, balance mood swings, and anger, promote spiritual awareness, and heighten confidence.
  • It can be used to promote fitness, aid bones and teeth, repair cartilage, soothe headaches, stimulate eyesight, and remove toxins.


Apatite Cabochons.
Apatite Cabochons.
Image Source: Kabeer Agate Exporters
  • As Apatite comes in a variety of forms and colors, it is often confused with other gemstones like Peridot, Flourite, and Aquamarine.
  • It is one of the few minerals that is produced and used by biological micro-environmental systems.
  • Phosphoric acid can be produced when it is mixed with sulfuric acid.
  • As it has a hardness of 5, it can be scratched with a blade of steel knife.

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