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Andesine - All About This Gemstone That You need to Know

limz Published On Fri Feb 14 2020   Modified On Fri Feb 14 2020
Andesine  - All About This Gemstone That You need to Know

Andesine is a silicate mineral that is relatively a new gemstone in the market. It is a variety of feldspar and is composed of 50-70% albite and 30-50% anorthite. As most of these stones that are sold in today's market are copper-diffused Labradorite, it is hard to confirm its authenticity.

Andesine symbolizes love, hope, beauty, truth, purity, stability, permanence, passion, peace, and harmony.

Let us learn more about Andesine.


Andesine is a member of the plagioclase feldspar solid solution series that consists of an aluminum silicate of sodium and calcium. It is associated with minerals like biotite, hornblende, quartz, and k-feldspars. These stones are related to the heart chakra (Anahata) and it helps to awaken and balance the heart chakra. It will enable the wearer to promote unconditional love and compassion for others, beauty, warmth, joy, happiness, passion, desire, and willpower.

Origin and History

Red-Orange Andesine Gemstone.
Red-Orange Andesine Gemstone.
Image Source: Gem Rock Auctions

Andesine is a fairly new gemstone that was believed to be first originally described from an occurrence in the Marmato mine, Marmato, Cauca, Chocó Department, Colombia in 1841. The name was given due to its abundance in the andesite lavas in Andes mountain of South America. Today, most of these stones found in the market are enhanced labradorite, a fellow plagioclase feldspar. 

Formation Process

Andesine mostly occurs in intermediate igneous rocks and characteristically it occurs in metamorphic rocks of granulite to amphibolite facies. These stones also as detrital grains in sedimentary rocks.


The chemical formula of Andesine is (Na, Ca)Al₁₋₂Si₃₋₂O₈. These stones have a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale and they have a subvitreous to pearly luster.


Andesine has no type of its own.

Colors Available

  • White
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Flash-Red

Mines Available

  • Paddington Gold Mine, Western Australia
  • La Salvadora Mine, Oruro, Bolivia
  • Allard Lake Mine, Quebec, Canada

Cost Per Carat

The cost of Andesine can vary from $80 to $200 according to its color, clarity, and size.


  • Andesine is used as a gemstone in various forms of jewelry like necklace, bracelet, earrings, and rings.
  • It is also used as an alternative stone for other red gemstones like Ruby and Spinel.

Spiritual Properties

Rare Natural Red Andesine.
Rare Natural Red Andesine.
image Source: Gem Rock Auctions
  • Andesine helps to encourage calm judgment, dispel negativity, clarify one's thoughts, ease stress, provide courage, enhance new ideas, and get rid of your past and focus on the future.
  • These stones can cure eye and brain-related diseases, relieve digestion, aid pituitary gland, heal hormonal and menstrual problems, alleviate migraines, and reduce motion sickness.
  • It also helps to increase the manifestation of your desire, overcome emotional trauma, balance overall mood, and reduce nightmares and insomnia.


  • In most of the syenite, granite, and metamorphic rocks, Andesine is only a minor component.
  • Andesine has a perfect cleavage on {001} and good on {010}.
  • These stones have a brittle tenacity and a white streak.
  • It has a transparent to translucent diaphaneity and conchoidal fracture.

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