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Ammolite Gemstone | Everything You Need to Know

limz Published On Thu Jan 30 2020   Modified On Thu Jan 30 2020
Ammolite Gemstone | Everything You Need to Know

Ammolite is a rare and beautiful stone that comes from the placenticeras ammonite fossil. These stones have a specific gravity of 2.60–2.85. As these stones are hard to imitate, they are rarely imitated.

Ammolite is a symbol of perfection, wisdom, integrity, prosperity, fortune, steadiness and luck. These stones are extremely rare as the only deposit of these stones are beginning to run dry.

Let us learn more about Ammolite.


Ammolite is an opal-like organic gemstone and a fossilized form of the mineral aragonite. These stones are associated with the base/root (Muladhara) chakra and it helps to open up and balance this chakra. It helps the wearer to ground themselves and establish a deep spiritual and divine connection with the body. It helps to bring happiness in one's life and guide self to a better path.

Origin and History

Rare Purple, Green, and Blue Natural Ammolite.
Rare Purple, Green, and Blue Natural Ammolite.
Image Source: PicClick

Ammolite was officially announced as a gemstone in 1981 by the World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO). It is believed that the word "Ammolite" is derived from the name of the Ancient Egyptian God Ammon (God of the sun and the air). In ancient times, the Blackfoot people used these stones as a talisman and they called it "Iniskim" which means "Buffalo Stone".

Ammolite became the official gemstone of the City of Lethbridge, Alberta in 2007. These stones are also known as aapoak, gem ammonite, calcentine, and Korite. It is a rare stone that is commercially produced only in a small area along the St. Mary River in southwestern Alberta, Canada.

Formation Process

Ammolite was formed about 70-75 million years ago. These stones are formed within ancient marine fossils, ammonites. Ammonite is composed of aragonite that is the same mineral contained in nacre, with a microstructure inherited from the shell.


The chemical formula of Ammolite is CaCO3 aragonite polymorph, with minor amounts of calcite, pyrite, silica, and other impurities. These stones have a hardness of 3.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale and they have a greasy to dull luster.


Ammolite is a rare, iridescent, and beautiful stone that is a type of its own.

Colors Available

Multi-Color Ammolite.
Multi-Color Ammolite.
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Green
  • Gray to Brown
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Violet

Mines Available

Ammolite is commercially produced or mined only in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Cost Per Carat

The cost of Ammolite highly depends on its color. Although Ammolite is a rare gemstone and their production is decreasing day by day, its price can range from only $1-$100. Their price is believed to increase after a few years as the production rate is decreasing.


Ammolite is mostly used to produce doublets or triplets for jewelry.

Spiritual Properties

  • Ammolite helps to increase the flow of chi, protect the wearer during their journey, make a wise decision, and reach deep meditative states.
  • These stones give you the courage to face any kind of challenge, reduce chances of depression, energize the soul, and it helps to bring positive vibes.
  • It also helps to aid allergies, remove old and decayed cells, improve digestion, combat hormonal problems, and improve eyesight.


Ammolite Stone From Canada.
Ammolite Stone From Canada.
Image Source:
  • Most of the quality Ammolites are found within the Bearpaw Formation that is near the St. Mary River.
  • These stones can be found in a rainbow of colors but green and red are the most preferred and valuable.
  • Ammolite gemstones don't have the same color pattern.
  • According to Korite, the largest Ammolite producers, the deposit of these stones will run out in 20 years.

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