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Actinolite Mineral | Everything You Need to Know

limz Published On Fri Jan 31 2020   Modified On Fri Jan 31 2020
Actinolite Mineral | Everything You Need to Know

Actinolite is known as an intermediate member series of solid-solution between magnesium-rich tremolite. The specific gravity of this stone ranges from 2.9-3.3 and its streak is white. These stones are highly beneficial for detoxifying and metabolism.

Actinolite is a beautiful stone that symbolizes confidence, strength, harmony, luck, wisdom, and prosperity. These stones give you the courage to accept the truth in life and achieve your dreams. 

Let us learn more about Actinolite. 


Actinolite is a green mineral that belongs to the amphibole group containing calcium, magnesium, and iron. These stones mostly occur in metamorphic rocks and as a form of asbestos. It is related to the heart (Anahata) chakra and helps to balance or open up this chakra. It helps to promote unconditional love and compassion for self and others.

Origin and History

Actinolite Crystal.
Actinolite Crystal.
Image Source: Pinterest

The word Actinolite was derived from the Greek word "Aktis" which means "Ray" on account of the fibrous nature of the mineral. This name was given by René Just Haüy, a French priest and mineralogist. These stones can either be transparent or translucent. Major sources of these stones are Taiwan, Canada, China, Brazil, and Russia. 

Formation Process

When igneous rocks are subjected to high pressure and very low temperature, Actinolite mineral crystals are formed. These stones also frequently occur in metamorphosed mafic, ultramafic rocks, and metamorphic rocks such as schist, dolomite, and limestone. 


The chemical formula of Actinolite is Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2. The hardness of this stone is 5-6 on the Mohs scale and they have a vitreous to dull luster.


The type locality of Actinolite is still unknown.

Color Available

Green Actinolite Crystal.
Green Actinolite Crystal.
Image Source: International Gem Society
  • Light to dark green
  • Grayish green to black.

Mines Available

  • Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
  • Miary Phlogopite Mine, Androy, Madagascar
  • Alberni Mining Division, British Columbia, Canada

Cost Per Carat

The price of Actinolite can range from $10-$100. Actinolite that contains 50% Fe is very rare and transparent Actinolite is also quite rare. 


  • Actinolites are mostly used as asbestos for fire retardant materials and brake shoes and pads.
  • It is an ornamental stone used for carvings.
  • It is also used as a gemstone in jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Spiritual Properties

  • Actinolite releases all the negative energies from the body and acts as a shielding crystal.
  • These stones purify body, mind, and soul, protect from psychic attacks, balance one's emotional state, relieve the depressed mind, and treats anxiety.
  • It helps to ease emotional trauma, detoxify the body, stimulate the liver, and regenerate cells and tissues.


Actinolite Cat's Eye.
Actinolite Cat's Eye.
Image Source: KnownJew
  • The Actinolite crystals are made up of many minerals.
  • Transparent crystals of Actinolites are most unusual and they are faceted in small astounding gems.
  • The opaque form of these stones are most commonly cut into cabochons.
  • The density of Actinolite is 3-3.2 and they have perfect prismatic cleavage.

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